Coolsculpting treatment will leave you feeling more body confident


Body image is becoming increasingly important in the society of today, and not feeling good about your body or liking what you see in the mirror can severely damage your self-esteem and overall well-being. Feeling good about your body and appearance can affect your entire person. At The Cosmetic Skin Clinic, we believe that everybody is an individual and that this is how their treatment should be approached too. When you visit us for your consultation appointment you can relax and trust that your treatment will be individually designed to suit your needs.

Coolsculpting is becoming an increasingly popular way to remove unwanted fat from several areas of the body. It is completely non-surgical and requires no recovery time, meaning that it will not interfere with your daily routine. Your unwanted fat cells will be frozen, brought down to a temperature cold enough so that they die, leaving your body to dispose of them naturally.

Are you self-conscious about multiple areas of your body?

Coolsculpting can help you lose your unwanted body fat in a multitude of places. It is common for women who have recently given birth to have this treatment to assist them in shifting their excess tummy fat, but it is also popular amongst those who wish to reduce the appearance of their double chin. There is an individual range of products specifically for targeting the chin area.

People often find that areas such as the upper arms and under the buttocks can be difficult to shape through dieting and exercise, and this is where this treatment can help. Not being able to reduce your body fat when you are exercising and eating healthily can be frustrating, and not feeling good about your body can damage your confidence. Having treatment will leave you feeling and looking good, both boosting your confidence and your happiness.

How does the treatment work and how long will it last?

This treatment is entirely non-surgical, and once you have had your consultation appointment and highlighted the areas that you wish to improve your professional will be able to create a personalised treatment plan for you. When you have your Coolsculpting appointment you will have the unwanted fat cells that are in your body frozen, so they are made to shrink and die. Once they have died your body will take time to process them and dispose of them for you naturally.

Whilst you will not notice any visible results instantly, in about four weeks you will begin to recognise that your body shape is changing, and by the time that sixteen weeks have passed you will be able to see even more visible results. This is because your body has had time to dispose of the cells, however, your body will continue to flush them out for at least six months.

Some people find that once they have had their treatment and their body has responded to it, they are able to maintain their new body shape through healthy eating and exercising often. They are unlikely to need treatment again. However, the treatment is not permanent and some people need to return to our clinic so our professionals are able to help them successfully maintain their body shape.

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