CoolSculpting near me – finding a reputable clinic in London


Did you recently find yourself typing: “CoolSculpting near me” into a search engine? Are you wanting to smooth out a few unwanted lumps and bumps on your body before Christmas or the New Year? Or perhaps you’ve been saving up for a while, to finally invest the money back into your body. Whatever your reason, our trained CoolSculpting practitioners at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic look forward to meeting you and working on your bespoke treatment plan. Read on to find out more about our clinic.  

How will I know if the CoolSculpting clinic near me is reputable?

This is an excellent question to ask your clinic when you visit them. At The Cosmetic Skin Clinic, we have a number of ways to show our experience in CoolSculpting. Our staff are well-trained and have the documents to prove it. Our team has been trained by Allergan, which is the manufacturer of CoolSculpting. The same staff have also attended and completed CoolSculpting University. We have also completed over 16,000 CoolSculpting procedures at our clinic. 

It’s also important to read up on what our past patients have had to say. Check out a number of reviews on Trustpilot for more insight from patients of our clinic. 

What can I expect at the clinic?

You can expect to finally work on the areas of your body that you’ve been wanting to change, without surgery. At your consultation, our team will discuss the procedure with you and answer any questions you have about your bespoke plan. Patients have come to us to get some of the following areas worked on: bra-rolls, the inner thighs, the muffin-top, and the knees. 

During the CoolSculpting process, your body is contoured through the freezing of fat cells, which over time will pass through the body. The procedure is done by our expert Coolsculpting practitioners. You should be able to see results in around 6 – 8 weeks. Over a longer period of time, you’ll see a greater change. 

Will there be a recovery period?

The CoolSculpting process is short. Because there is no surgery involved, you won’t need to take time off for recovery. The process is generally painless and this is evident from the number of times we’ve watched patients nap, read or scroll through their phones during the actual session. The treatment is generally painless with patients taking it as an opportunity to catch up on work emails, watch netflix or even nap during the session.

As soon as the procedure is done, you can leave The Cosmetic Skin Clinic and go about your day as usual. If you are not feeling your best for whatever reason, speak to our staff who will be able to help you. 

CoolSculpting near me – get in touch

We are always ready to answer your questions before and during the CoolSculpting procedure. This is something we pride ourselves on: being able to put you at ease with our extensive understanding of the CoolSculpting procedure and being able to give you a deeper insight into what you can expect. You can call us, come in for a consultation, or check out one of our videos for more information. 

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