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Many people panic as they start to get older and their body shape starts to change. People can get unwanted fat in all sorts of areas around their body, and sometimes this can be difficult to get rid of, even if regular exercise and healthy eating are carried out. A skin clinic in London like ours offering Coolsculpting near me could help you easily achieve the body shape that you are striving for. It is a completely non-surgical treatment so you will not need to go near any needles, and you will not have to deal with a recovery time either.

This treatment can target multiple areas of your body at once and can produce long-lasting effects. It is an effective way to change your body shape in a matter of months, leaving you much more confident and proud to show off your new body.

How we can help you

Coolsculpting near me can help you resolve several different issues when it comes to feeling unsatisfied with the shape of your body. It is common for women who have just given birth to have treatment to help reduce their excess tummy fat, as this can be difficult to get rid of. It is also popular amongst people who wish to get rid of the appearance of their double chin.

This treatment can target a multitude of areas around your body, including your thighs, upper and lower back, arms and abdominal area. A special range of treatments has been produced for both the reduction of unwanted fat around the upper arms and around the chin. The applicators are smaller and more capable of reaching smaller areas of fat to target them more efficiently.

What to expect from your treatment

If you are searching for Coolsculpting near me London, then booking a consultation appointment at our clinic is the first step in starting your journey. You will be welcomed by your practitioner and they will be able to explain the treatment more thoroughly and answer any questions you have about it. They will listen to the problems that you have regarding your body and you can express which areas you wish to have re-contoured. Your practitioner will then be able to construct a personalised treatment plan that is made to suit your individual needs.

When treatment day comes you can expect your treatment to last between thirty and ninety minutes, depending on how many areas you have decided to target. There is no required recovery time for this treatment either, so you are able to get back to normal activities as soon as it has finished. You will not notice any visible changes in your body shape after your initial treatment, as it takes time for your body to dispose of the fat cells that have been frozen. Normally you can expect to see the real results at around fourteen weeks after you have had treatment, but your body will continue to dispose of the cells for at least six months.

Many people only have this treatment once, and when their body has taken on its new shape they have maintained it through eating healthily and exercising regularly. This helps to stay in shape and keeps your body fit and healthy. Sometimes people will struggle to keep the weight off of certain areas of their body and they will have further treatment, but your professional will advise you on your individual situation at any appointments that you have.

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