Getting CoolSculpting in Buckinghamshire and what to expect from it


Having a healthy diet and getting frequent amounts of good exercise can really work wonders for our weight, and for getting rid of excess fat in places that we don’t want it to be. However, there are times that, despite our best efforts, it is seemingly impossible to reduce fat in stubborn, ‘problem areas’ on the body. For many of us, it can be difficult to know what to do to reduce the fat in these problem areas. One option worth considering though is CoolSculpting in Buckinghamshire. CoolSculpting in Buckinghamshire is an exciting and relatively new treatment that utilises non-surgical techniques to reduce the appearance of fat and fat bulges in many different areas across the body. It may perhaps sound confusing at first, that CoolSculpting in Buckinghamshire is able to reduce the appearance of fat whilst being entirely non-surgical, however, this is possible thanks to developments in modern cosmetic technology. In order to understand this a bit better, we’ll take a look at what CoolSculpting actually involves, and how it works as well.

If once you’ve learnt a bit more about CoolSculpting, you decide that this is a treatment that you want to undergo for yourself, then you may wish to consider getting your CoolSculpting treatment at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic. Here at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic, we have the most experienced CoolSculpting clinics in the UK and in all of western Europe, with over 16,000 treatments performed at our clinics. Add to this, our friendly and knowledgeable practitioners, as well as the premium brands and products that we use to perform our treatments, and you can be confident that you can receive top-quality CoolSculpting treatment from us.


CoolSculpting is able to reduce the appearance of fat on the body by reducing the number of fat cells in our bodies. To do this, CoolSculpting uses a process known as cryolipolysis – often simplified to ‘fat freezing’. This fat freezing technique works by precisely and gently delivering cooling to the skin, which targets the fat cells underneath it. This cooling is usually at about minus eleven degrees Celsius. This process has been vigorously tested and approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration USA) and it has been shown to be effective in reducing the appearance of bulges of fat.

Once the fat cells have been sufficiently cooled, they begin to crystallise and die, in a process that usually takes a few weeks. The dead fat cells can then be metabolised by the body, meaning that they end up being disposed of. It is as these cells are disposed of that patients most typically begin to notice the results of the CoolSculpting treatment for themselves. In fact, given that the body disposes of these dead fat cells over time, having CoolSculpting treatment means that you will likely see progressively more noticeable results. For some people, these results can be visible from as early as four to six weeks, with the results continuing to improve for up to about sixteen weeks in total. Overall though, CoolSculpting is a treatment that should leave your body looking significantly more toned and contoured, with many areas of fat across the body appearing visibly reduced as a result.


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