Achieve a bikini body with Coolsculpting in Buckinghamshire


Has excess flab replaced your once taut stomach and muscular arms? If you have grown self-conscious about your body, why not reduce your fat with CoolSculpting in Buckinghamshire at our reputable practice, The Cosmetic Skin Clinic?

CoolSculpting is an FDA-approved treatment that removes fat cells, using a unique cooling system. Our experienced team of practitioners are waiting for your call!

Is CoolSculpting in Buckinghamshire a new procedure?

CoolSculpting in Buckinghamshire was first introduced as a non-surgical alternative to liposuction in 2010. Despite being less than a decade old, CoolSculpting has helped to reduce pockets of fat around the body for thousands of people across the United Kingdom. 

Our clinic also boasts a high success rate, with patients undergoing the procedure seeing a 20-27% fat reduction at specific areas of the body.  

We promise quick and effective results with minimal discomfort

You may start to notice slight bodily changes in the few weeks following your CoolSculpting in Buckinghamshire, but the real transformation occurs three to six months following your appointment with us. 

During CoolSculpting in Buckinghamshire, you might feel a slight pulling sensation, as the applicator we use sucks in the area being treated. When we activate the cooling plates, you might feel some coldness, followed by feelings of numbness. 

After the procedure, you might feel some minor but temporary side effects, including swelling, redness and slight discomfort at the treated area. In some instances, people might experience lingering numbness or dull sensation, which might continue between one and eight weeks, which can happen in some patients. 

Can CoolSculpting in Buckinghamshire be described as a method of weight loss?

We cannot emphasise this enough: CoolSculpting in Buckinghamshire should not be used as a substitute for weight loss or used to treat obesity.

You will see results with CoolSculpting, only if you are within 10-15 kilograms of your recommended body weight. Our aims for you are, to remove those areas of fat that refuse to budge, despite your healthy diet and regimented workouts. 

Why choose CoolSculpting over liposuction? 

Many people choose CoolSculpting with us, over liposuction, because it is a non-invasive, non-surgical, fat reduction treatment. It is also far more affordable, requires minimal downtime, and some might say there is far less risk involved.

Are the results permanent?

We destroy targeted fat cells by exposing them to cold temperatures that they cannot survive in. These dead fat cells are removed naturally and cannot grow back. 

That said, surrounding fat cells can still expand if you continue to eat poorly and live a sedentary lifestyle. 

How many CoolSculpting sessions do I need to optimise my result?

For most areas of the body, one session might be sufficient. However, this really depends on the size and whether you need multiple areas treated.

What is the average cost for a CoolSculpting session?

Treatments can be from £480, dependent on the number of treatment cycles performed. At your consultation, our practitioner will be able to give you an exact estimate of the fees depending on the number of treatment cycles required. 

Say goodbye to muffin tops, mummy tummies, flabby arms and double chins with a session of CoolSculpting with us!


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