Wrinkly Skin Treatment

Wrinkly skin is a common condition that occurs as we age. As we lose essential proteins and fat in our skin, our skin can look thin and crêpey. We can address this issue by replenishing the skin with the vital nutrients and support it needs to look firm, smooth and youthful. Our leading wrinkly skin treatments to bring back a healthy, youthful glow.

Wrinkly Skin Treatments at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic

What causes wrinkly skin?

Wrinkly skin emerges with age due to the fact that our bodies slow down the production of elastin and collagen: essential proteins that enable skin to stretch and contract. When fat loss happens as a result of advanced age, skin sags and looks more wrinkled. As the dermis and epidermis thin too, skin takes on a crêpey appearance.

How to get rid of wrinkly skin

No amount of exfoliating or moisturising can turn back the clock on wrinkly skin across our faces and on our bodies. However, there are a range of effective non-surgical face lifting treatments that can tighten wrinkled skin and improve it noticeably.

At your initial consultation, we’ll discuss the most effective and suitable wrinkly skin options for you, but explore the information below to find out more about the specific treatments that we offer.

such as Thermage® CPT which is a safe, non-invasive radiofrequency (RF) technology clinically proven to help smooth, tighten and re-contour the skin with long-lasting results with little to no downtime.

Best Wrinkly Skin Treatments

Thermage® CPT is a safe, non-invasive radiofrequency (RF) technology clinically proven to help smooth, tighten and re-contour the skin with long-lasting results and little to no downtime. It can improve the texture of wrinkly skin thanks to its innovative collagen boosting and skin firming technologies. We also offer Thermage Eyes to revitalise and lift wrinkly skin under the eyes effectively.

Ultherapy® is the only FDA-cleared, non-invasive treatment for lifting and tightening the skin on the neck, chin and brow and the improvement of lines and wrinkles on the décolletage. This leading ultrasound non-surgical lifting procedure uses focused ultrasound imaging to stimulate the growth of new collagen deep within the skin.

The Cosmetic Skin Clinic is the No. 1 clinic in the UK and Europe for Thermage® and the No 1 Ultherapy Ultra Premier Treatment Provider for the UK and Ireland. To book an appointment with one of our specialists, contact our clinics in London and Buckinghamshire.

Morhpeus8 is an effective and safe non surgical face lift treatment that targets loose and wrinkly skin on your face and body. This game-changing treatment can lift, tighten, and contour your face helping you achieve a healthy and youthful looking skin. To book an appointment with one of our expert Morpheus8 practitioners, please visit our dedicated treatment page and get in touch with our clinics in London and Buckinghamshire.

INTRAcel™ is a revolutionary 2-in-1 treatment often referred to as the ‘ultimate skin rejuvenator’. This skin-tightening and skin-rejuvenating system uses micro-needling, and radio-frequency for dramatic anti-wrinkle effects, with results that continue to improve for up to six months after treatment. It is a diverse treatment that can target a wide range of problem areas, from wrinkly belly skin to wrinkled skin across the thighs and buttocks.

We also offer dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle treatments to enhance the appearance of wrinkled skin. Dermal fillers can fill in the crevices that form as our skin wrinkles, while anti-wrinkle injections can relax our muscles to smooth out the fine lines and wrinkles that form when wrinkled skin occurs. We also offer an injectable collagen-booster called Profhilo which nourishes the skin internally thanks to its skin renewal properties.

Anti wrinkle injections or Botox can treat a range of skin conditions, including:

Forehead furrows or glabellar lines

Frown lines or forehead lines

Eyebrow wrinkles

Crows feet or laughter lines

Gummy smile

Bunny lines or nasalis lines

Smokers lines or lipstick lines

Marionette lines or nose to mouth lines

Chin dents

Nefertiti neck or Wrinkly neck

To book a botox consultation in London and Bucks, contact our expert practitioners.

Treatment Options

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Thermage® CPT

Thermage® CPT is a radiofrequency technology that naturally and three-dimensionally contracts the collagen in the skin. It appeals to many celebrities because it creates a refreshed, and rejuvenated and overall younger appearance to the skin without altering your looks.

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The Cosmetic Skin Clinic is the No1 Ultherapy Ultra Premier Treatment Provider for the UK and Ireland for the 10th year in a row as of October 2023.

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Profhilo London & Buckinghamshire

Profhilo is the only injectable skin treatment available, specifically designed to reverse this breakdown by stimulating collagen and elastin, to help slow down the process of ageing.

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INTRAcel™ helps to firm, smooth and tighten skin minimising the signs of ageing by treating sagging skin, fine lines and wrinkles with little or no downtime and with outstanding improvements.

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Restylane Skin Boosters

Although moisturising creams and lip salves temporarily help to nourish the skin and mouth, they cannot provide deep skin hydration.

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Dermal Fillers London & Buckinghamshire

Dermal fillers are a popular option at our clinic for smoothing fine lines and tell-tale wrinkles.

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BOTOX London & Buckinghamshire

Treat fine lines, brow frowns, eye wrinkles, crow’s feet, and other facial and neck wrinkles with Botox

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