Don’t let these bizarre beliefs about dermal fillers stop you from considering them


Despite the prevalence of dermal fillers in London, it still comes as a surprise how many people have misconceived ideas about the treatment. These untruths are what creates the stigma that is so often attached to those who opt for the treatment.

Dermal fillers in London have long been relied upon as an aesthetically enhancing treatment for patients desiring to look rejuvenated and refreshed. The treatment works to boost volume beneath the skin, even out facial lines and diminish the effects of creases.

It is only natural for patients to be concerned about the end results they will receive after having an anti-ageing treatment carried out. What we would like patients to know is that the quality of results very much depends on the quality of the dermal fillers in London procedure administered by the practitioner and the quality of the products used.

The truth behind the myths regarding dermal fillers

Misconception 1 – Results don’t look natural

Inferior products and inexperienced practitioners performing the treatments are what would generally cause artificial-looking results. There are a number of factors that are applied in order to achieve best results; an adequate amount of filler needs to be used, filler needs to be administered in the right location and the correct procedure needs to be observed. When performed correctly by practitioners with the relevant skills, the treatment provides patients with aesthetically-pleasing results.

Misconception 2 –  Too much maintenance is required

It is untrue that patients will have to have repeated treatments at short intervals. The quality of filler products has greatly improved and products now last much longer than they used to. The lifespan of dermal fillers available today, on average, can last from six to twenty-four months, depending on certain factors being met. It would be helpful for patients to remember that, in time, fillers do break down as a result of natural body processes and that treatment will need to be repeated when necessary.

Misconception 4 – The procedure is painful

Great care is taken by reputable practitioners to ensure that patients are made as comfortable as possible to receive filler treatments. There are various methods employed which can include the use of products that are formulated with a numbing solution and the application of a topical numbing solution to the localised area.

Misconception 5 – A lot of time is needed for recovery

It is unusual for patients not to return to their normal routines in a relatively short space of time. A minimal amount of recovery time is necessary to reduce the associated swelling that occurs due to the injectable procedure. Patients are advised to discuss with the practitioner what techniques would best help to reduce swelling or tenderness. The usual recommendations comprise of the application of a cool compress, soothing ointments and keeping the head elevated.

Misconception 7 – The procedure is irreversible

There are methods that can reverse dermal filler treatments by opting for a product that dissolves the filler product in filled areas. This process may take a few days to take effect.

Don’t let misinformation stop you from seeking out anti-ageing treatments to improve the way you look. Let our real experts at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic answer your questions. Call today to book an appointment.

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