Chin Up


Chin Up

The Sunday Times March 2018
By Olivia Falcon

Reporting for The Sunday Times, renowned beauty journalist Olivia Falcon reports on the battle against ageing who herself has tried pretty much every skincare brand on the planet but is yet to find a product to beat gravity.

Olivia reports on the popularity of how tweaks were all about the eyes and forehead but today top cosmetic doctors such as Dr Tracy Mountford have turned their attention to tightening and redefining the lower face and jawline.

Olivia goes onto say; how your face is the first line in the battle against ageing and how if you really want to press pause on the ageing process, the new thinking is to pay attention to the neck and lower face.  She suggests many options to retain the sharp contours a youthful jawline and neck and says if you really want a ‘lift’ you’ve got to man up and go mechanical.  Amongst these detailed on the hit list was Ultherapy, Thermage, Silhouette Soft Thread Lift and Profhilo muscle relaxants.

Dr Mountford recommended Thermage for the 35-45 year olds, Ultherapy for the over 45’s.

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