What is it like to have dermal fillers in London? How can this treatment help me?


All of us are different in our own way, we’ve all had different experiences in our lives and often these different experiences are reflected in the way that we look. One thing that we can all say to have in common is that we are all subject to time, meaning that we all age. And because of this, all (or at least most) of us will end up with some signs of ageing, such as wrinkles or fine lines across the skin and face. It is natural then, for there to be a large amount of interest in the different possibilities for fighting the signs of ageing and having an overall fresher, and more rejuvenated appearance, from many people. Some of this interest has recently been directed towards dermal fillers in London. A lot of people have not heard of this treatment before, but don’t worry if you are one such person, because here in this article, we’ll go over what you can expect if you choose to have dermal fillers in London and how such a treatment can help with some of the aforementioned signs of ageing.

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How do dermal fillers work?

Dermal fillers are made specifically to volumise and hydrate the skin. They do this by increasing the amount of hyaluronic fluid in the skin. This is a fluid that occurs naturally within the skin, however it gets absorbed over time, which is detrimental to having fresher, and more voluminous skin, because hyaluronic fluid is very important in maintaining the moisture and nutrient levels inside skin cells. The hyaluronic fluid inside dermal fillers replenishes the hyaluronic fluid that has been absorbed by your body over time, giving your skin the hydration it needs to fight signs of ageing.

What to expect from dermal fillers; during and after treatment

Dermal fillers are administered just underneath the surface of the skin by injections. Sometimes, before the start of treatment, anaesthetic cream is used to numb your skin first. After this, your practitioner will start giving you the injections. The injections will usually be applied on the area of the face that you wish to appear more rejuvenated and hydrated, dermal filler treatment can be used to target specific areas. It is worth noting though that dermal fillers are not permanent, and will break down over time. Therefore, if you wish to retain the appearance that dermal fillers have helped you to achieve, then it may be worth thinking about further treatment afterwards. The treatment itself usually only takes about thirty minutes to complete, and once it is done, most people find that there is very little or no downtime from having it, allowing them to continue with their daily activities as they wish to.

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