The Importance Of The Chin


This week, I’m talking all about the chin.

Over the years I’ve noticed that people usually come into the clinic with a rough idea of what they want, be that subtle dermal fillers to restore lost volume or fat freezing to help shape and recontour the body. But very few people ask about the chin, passing over how it fits into the greater structure of the face.

The chin is a very important part of beautification for both men and women, and as I explain in my video, augmenting the chin is an easy way to restore balance to the face:

For most men, a defined, chiselled jawline is desirable, as it’s a feature we associate with masculinity. We can achieve that look by adding a small amount of filler into the lower face to make the chin ‘pop’ and give a stronger structure and definition.

But for women, it is all about the balance of the face.

There are a lot of different features that we perceive to be beautiful, but the secret lies in the balance of the face. Chin augmentation gives the face proportion and defines the jaw so that the facial features are in harmony.

To achieve a balanced, symmetrical look, all three sections of the face should align. These sections are the ‘upper third’ (forehead), ‘mid-face’ (cheek area) and ‘lower third’ (lips and chin). If the balance and harmony between these are perfect, we perceive the face to be very beautiful.

Adding a very small amount of filler into the chin can help redefine and rebalance facial symmetry, looking at the face from all angles.

Understanding the relationship between the areas of the face and how they contradict and complement each other is essential for providing optimal treatment results. Our expert team of practitioners will work with you to recommend what treatments can work to restore that balance and harmony because a lot of times it isn’t what you think. The subtlest changes can have the biggest impact.

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