Top Doctors – Tatler’s Beauty and Cosmetic Surgery Guide 2022


February 2022

In Tatler’s Beauty & Cosmetic Surgery Guide 2022, Francesca Ogiermann-White reveals which aesthetic practitioners have been included as the best aesthetic doctor. With The Cosmetic Skin Clinic team featuring throughout TOP DOCTORS, you will discover which aesthetic doctor is the best answer to a specific treatment. Those on the list have “trained with the best and honed their skills to perfection” so “meet the talented practitioners making a name for themselves.

Dr Tracy Mountford – Tatler’s Top Cosmetic Doctor 2022

Dr Tracy Mountford is one of the “Top 40 surgeons and cosmetic doctors” in the aesthetic industry for a very good reason. Aesthetics should not confuse anyone, which is why Dr Tracy Mountford is loved by her patients for her ability to make aesthetics relatable and instilling confidence in them. Most of her patients find it to be a journey.

Dr Mountford shares her approach: “We start with denser, hyaluronic acid-based fillers to anchor the face at strategic points. Then we inject a regenerative product – such as Sculptra or Radiesse – across the face, to stimulate collagen and give a lovely lift.”

Dr Mountford then explains the importance of the temples. She says, “they’re the pillars of the face; and using filler to pin the tissues in place helps prevent a drooping brow.” However, she also on occasion spreads “filler thinly across the forehead as well to camouflage bone loss.” She “loves nothing more than supercharging her injectables with a bit of Ultherapy (focused ultrasound, proven to lift and tighten muscles).” With this in mind, Dr Mountford does stress that “all these treatments must be bespoke. It’s about pulling together all the tools that we have to create the best outcome for the individual.”

On the topic of maintenance, “Mountford is nothing but direct.” She says, “these treatments are not one-offs. So, before we start, we need to have a very honest, very straightforward conversation. ‘The greatest buzz is when someone tells me, “This treatment has changed my life!”, says Tracy. ‘It really doesn’t get any better than that’.

Dr Matthew Jarvie-Thomas

Also named one of Tatler’s Top Cosmetic Doctors is The Cosmetic Skin Clinic’s, Dr Matthew Jarvie-Thomas. “With a background in general and plastic surgery, Jarvie-Thomas is the protégé of Cosmetic Skin Clinic founder, Dr Tracy Mountford.”

Dr Matthew Jarvie-Thomas’ work may have taken him across the globe, from New Zealand to Tanzania, but “nowadays you’ll find the clean-cut aesthetic doctor flitting between clinics in London and Stoke Poges in Buckinghamshire.”

Injectables are his bread and butter, and he regularly combines them with energy-based devices such as skin-tightening Morpheus8 or face-lifting Ultherapy. (Pre-procedure, a quick check with his ultrasound scanner ensures the most tailor-made treatment.) He has a very light touch with Botox – which wipes away tiredness and lifts hooded lids like magic.”

The Cosmetic Skin Clinic

With an advanced team that has been handpicked and trained by Dr Tracy Mountford, she has created a strong and experienced foundation for our practitioners to be a cut above the rest. From injectables, non-surgical lifts and thread lifts, our practitioners have worked hard and honed their skills that they shine through. With years of experience, attention to detail and our finger on the pulse to constantly evolve our techniques, the team are delighted to have made the list for Tatler’s TOP DOCTORS in 2022.

When choosing your aesthetic doctor, choose the best at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic. Our experts put you first and help you achieve amazing results. Book your consultation today or give our London or Stoke Poges, Buckinghamshire clinic a call on 0343 252 8240.

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