What are the life-enhancing benefits of dermal fillers?


The facial aesthetics industry is driven by patients wishing to perfect their vision of themselves.  This demand is evident by the numerous types of skin treatments available, from skin rejuvenation to skin tightening. One type of cosmetic enhancement treatment that has retained its popularity is the treatment of dermal fillers in London

The reasons for the widespread acceptance of dermal fillers in London as a firm favourite include it being used to enhance aesthetically a number of areas. Among the benefits that can be attained are that it can boost the volume of thin lips, smooth out facial lines and creases and diminish the effects of scarring.

Another equally important reason why dermal fillers in London are a top choice for patients and aestheticians are the very swift results they provide.

Five reasons to choose dermal filler treatments

  1. Minimal recovery period

Many of our patients have a lot of demands placed on their time. Juggling these demands and responsibilities from family life to professional duties, there is painfully little time left for anything else. This is why dental fillers treatments are found to be so beneficial – there is practically no downtime and the transformative results are almost immediate. The time it takes for a filler treatment session will depend on how many areas a patient intends to include for treatment. It is quite common for a patient to receive treatment during their lunch break.

  1. Retain the youthful look for longer

There is much to applaud when it comes to the lifespan of filler treatments. A sizable percentage of our patient population have the effects of their treatments lasting for up to 12 months. The individual patient’s situation is a huge factor and patients should always be prepared for top-up appointments.

  1. Boosts self-confidence

One’s self-confidence is closely tied to the perception of one’s appearance. Modern society has placed enormous importance on youthful looks and dermal fillers are one type of cosmetic procedure that helps patients address the signs of less than dewy skin. A key element in this process is replenishing lost collagen in the skin that occurs naturally over time.

  1. Enhances the effects of other types of cosmetic treatments

Different types of cosmetic treatments target different areas. Some types have been found to work well in combination with others to boost their effects or results. For example, with injectable fillers, two complementary types of procedures are dermal fillers and B-tox.

  1. Ability to treat scarring

It can be quite time-consuming applying makeup to hide the effects of scarring as a result of acne. Dermal fillers can help patients diminish the appearance of unsightly scars. Our practitioner will first have to examine a patient’s skin condition to determine if this type of treatment is suitable. Our practitioner will take into account your skin’s needs as well as your aesthetic goals.

Do you need to present the best version of yourself and find that run-of-the-mill skin care products are not as effective as you would like them to be? Find out what cosmetic treatments available at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic can help you achieve your desired look. Give us a call today.

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