Having dermal fillers London could boost your self-esteem


Lots of people suffer from low self-esteem as they start to get older, because of the appearance of their skin. As your skin ages, it can become wrinkled or start to sag in certain areas. Here at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic, we want to help make you feel confident again and restore your skin’s glow. Having dermal fillers in London with us can reduce the appearance of any wrinkles or age lines that you may have around your mouth, eyes and on several other areas of your face too.

Many people are not aware that there is such an easy way to make their skin look and feel younger. Having fillers can produce long-lasting effects and boost your self-esteem, as you will be able to feel proud of your appearance once again, and have the confidence to be yourself.

What are fillers and how do they work?

Dermal fillers in London are a way of restoring your skin’s youthful appearance. They involve an injection of hyaluronic acid directly into the areas that you wish to improve. This hydrates and stimulates your skin, making it tighter, and smoothing out unwanted lines and wrinkles. Your body has its own natural supply of hyaluronic acid, but over time this supply becomes depleted and your skin starts to sag and wrinkle in certain areas.

Sometimes people become self-conscious about the wrinkles that appear around their eyes, or the dark circles under them that just will not go away. Having fillers in your tear troughs can reduce the appearance of both of these, leaving your eyes to appear brighter and more youthful straight away.

Over time people’s lips can become thin and “disappear”, leaving people incredibly insecure about their appearance. Feeling like you have no lips can make you not want to smile in public, or can just generally damage your confidence. Fillers can be used to make your lips appear plumper and fuller, and you will be able to notice a difference as soon as the treatment has been completed.

Benefits of having Dermal Fillers in London

There are several benefits when it comes to having dermal fillers at our clinic. The main benefit is that it is a completely non-invasive treatment that improves the appearance and condition of your skin, but the fact that it can be used to resolve issues all over the face is a great benefit too. This treatment only takes half an hour to complete, so if you are busy, it is something that can easily fit into your day without taking up too much time. There is no downtime after having fillers either, so the remainder of your day will not be interfered with.

In addition, you will not need to be back and forth to our clinic for treatment. Once you have had your treatment, if you wish to maintain your youthful appearance, then our professionals will recommend when it would be ideal for you to return. Usually, we expect people to come back within six to nine months, as this is when the hyaluronic acid starts to break down.

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