Dermal fillers in London for the lower face


For many, noticing the first signs of ageing can be a distressing experience, it may seem that you woke up one day after having turned thirty and found a new set of wrinkles that you were sure were never there before, making your mouth look puckered and your smile lines seem more permanent. We, at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic, understand that while you may not want to have something as drastic as surgery to address your new problems, you may prefer to take a minimally invasive approach with dermal fillers in London, to bring back the plumpness of your twenties.

What are dermal fillers?

The natural ageing process begins with a loss of hyaluronic-acid (HA) production in the skin and a breakdown of collagen, which helps hold together a youthful shape to the face. Once this elasticity begins to lose its effect the first signs of ageing appear like wrinkles, sagging skin, and a loss of fullness to the lips.

HA fillers are used to restore the contours and shape of the face and can restructure the jaw, plump the lips and fill in lines around the mouth to bring back a fresher look to your appearance. You can hide the signs of ageing from year to year as you choose, because other than being non-surgical, dermal fillers in London are also non-permanent, so you can adjust your look as you will, deciding to age gracefully in your own time.

Options for the lower face


Your lips begin to thin as you age due to a loss of vital collagen protein under the skin, this protein ordinarily holds everything together creating full-looking lips, but as it breaks down, so does the shape of the lip lose its form. HA fillers can restore fullness to thin lips by plumping them up to a desired shape and fullness, to combat the appearance of ageing and return confidence to your smile with a subtly enhancing treatment that will keep people guessing.

Thin Lips Before and After Dermal Fillers

hyaluronic acid fillers lip fillers before and after

Marionette lines

Not only are marionette lines evidence of ageing, but they can also make your expression look unintentionally grumpy. These are the lines that form from the corners of your mouth down to the outside corners of the chin, like a marionette puppet. An HA filler treatment will lift the corners of the mouth to counteract the drooping look that these lines give us.

Downturned corners of the mouth Before and After Dermal Fillers

downturned mouth corners dermal fillers before and after


The chin is another area that shows signs of ageing that you may not realise is even happening. Due to a loss of supporting fats and collagen in the area, as well as receding gums and loss of jawbone structure, the chin can appear puckered or pouty. By augmenting the chin with dermal fillers in London, you can restore its shape and better define the contour of the jaw, recreating a balance to the shape of the face.

Treatments to the lower face help create an uplifted expression around the mouth area, thus softening a possibly sour look caused by ageing which has nothing to do with what you feel inside.

Chin Augmentation Before and After Dermal Fillers

chin augmentation dermal fillers before and after

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