Chin augmentation with dermal fillers in London


Sometimes, some of us may feel we were dealt the short end of the stick when it comes to our face shape; a strong chin, as they call it, can be a defining element of both beauty and masculinity, but a weak chin gives the impression of the opposite effect. What the human brain perceives as an ideal is subtle and unconscious, as the result of tens of thousands of years of evolution. As times have changed and naturally strong features are no longer essential for the survival of our species, why not take steps to alter your appearance to something that you will be satisfied with when you look in the mirror? We at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic can offer dermal fillers in London for this exact purpose, to help you achieve the facial aesthetic you deserve.

Changing the shape of the chin

There are a few ways to change the shape of your chin through adjusting the position of the jaw.

Facial aesthetics can be achieved with orthodontic treatments specifically designed to encourage the bones of the jaw to move and stay in place. This may be an uncomfortable process that without a doubt takes a long time (6-24 months). Serious orthodontic problems like a bad bite may need to be attended to; but purely for aesthetic purposes however, some may find this course of treatment does not fit into their busy adult lives.

In recent years it has also been published that mewing can help attain a more desirable facial aesthetic. This involves a process of rigorous daily facial exercises that over time adjust the position of the jaw. Some people report noticing the first results after a year of mewing practice, but developing this habit is time-consuming and results are slow.

With dermal fillers in London, results of a more pleasing chin shape are immediate and discomfort is minimal. Stepping out in your lunch break to get some ‘work done’ is becoming increasingly more acceptable for personal standards of attractiveness to be achieved.

Dermal fillers, what are they?

Have you ever thought someone looked a little different? Better somehow? This is the effect of dermal fillers, subtle but enhancing. Using a hyaluronic acid (HA) gel injected into areas of the chin to make it more compatible with the rest of your facial features, dermal fillers in London can be specifically measured and adjusted to particular positions on the chin, giving you a unique and desirable outcome. This treatment is temporary, but may last up to two years depending on your personal metabolic rate, however, it is repeatable, so the upkeep of your aesthetic is manageable and you need not worry over permanent changes to your visage.

Taking control of the aesthetics of your appearance and the face you present to the world has never been quicker, with dermal fillers in London and the UK, a procedure lasting 30-45 min so you can be back in your normal routine looking like your new best self, improved and renewed.

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