A focus on the eyes with a non-surgical facelift in Buckinghamshire


A clear indication of youthful beauty and certainly health can be seen in bright shiny eyes that sparkle. But what if those gorgeous eyes of yours have bags underneath them, wrinkles on the sides, and appear droopy with your browbone seeming to hang over the lids hiding your twinkle?

Then you may want to pay a visit to The Cosmetic Skin Clinic for a non-surgical facelift in Buckinghamshire. With a range of treatments that can be cleverly used together, giving your face and certainly your eyes the rejuvenation you desire, we offer the most recent therapies in anti-ageing in order to help you regain your former elegance.

It’s all in the skin

Why do we droop with age? Exposure to excessive dangerous sunlight, pollution, and even the stresses of life in general aside, there is something that goes on with our biology that ages us from within. I know, it isn’t fair, but it is natural, and understanding it can better help you understand our treatments.

After we turn 30, our natural collagen production goes on a steady decline. Collagen is not only the most abundant form of protein in our body but it is also the most important component of connective tissue that makes up our skin’s structure. As we lose collagen we lose elasticity and everything seems to sag slightly as the structural integrity of our skin is lessened, causing wrinkles. What happens next is the fat that is distributed over our face shifts, causing areas that were once high and plump, like the brow, to droop and sag while filling up other areas like the jowls or under the eye.

All these effects happen as you age and result in a tired worn-out look, but with a non-surgical facelift in Buckinghamshire you can restore freshness to your eye area as well as everywhere else with a natural airbrushed look that helps you age with more grace.


A collection of different treatments may be used to help you restore your natural beauty, starting with anti-wrinkle injections that relax the muscles around the eye softening the look of wrinkles and dermal fillers which plump up the areas around the eyes and brows filling in the structure you may have lost giving your face a fresher appearance.

Collagen stimulators can also be injected into the skin to re-energise your body’s natural collagen production, helping to build and restore your facial contours over time.

A completely non-invasive procedure that involves no needles is Ultherapy, this therapy firms the skin, smooths out the appearance of wrinkles, and helps stimulate collagen production. Over time giving you a more radiant glow on the whole face and contouring the brow and around the eyes.

Silhouette Soft is a thread that’s placed under the skin and tightened causing the area to lift, leaving you with a firmer, more rounded contours, and eliminating sag.

With a facelift in Buckinghamshire, you are able to create a personal aesthetic that takes your face back to earlier years, rejuvenating your skin and your eye area has never looked more natural.


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