The New Ultherapy Brow Lift


We were delighted to welcome the UK’s Beauty Press to our London clinic to launch the new ‘Ultherapy Brow Lift’ campaign. Ultherapy is a bespoke treatment option for those that need a preventative or regenerative treatment that stimulates and banks collagen naturally over time, with long-lasting benefits.

While many of us want to give our brows a lift, some of us fear needles and invasive procedures. This is where the Ultherapy Brow Lift comes in. It gives your brow a natural lift in a seamlessly simple way.

What happens to the brow as we age?

Our brows act to frame our upper face. But as we age, the skin around our brows loses its structural support thanks to a gradual loss of supportive proteins and tissues in our skin. This can cause our eyebrows to descend with ageing, making our eyelids look tired and droopy.

By gently lifting the brow, we refresh and ‘open up’ tired, hooded eyes for a more refreshed and attractive look.

How does Ultherapy work to enhance the brow?

Ultherapy uses a unique micro-focused ultrasound technology to stimulate and remodel collagen and elastin at the same depth targeted by surgeons. When stimulated, these important structural proteins will lift hooded eyelids to give the eyebrow a refreshed and youthful look.

The Ultherapy Brow Lift

The Ultherapy brow lift works to lift the top eyelid using advanced and completely non-invasive ultrasound technology. This restorative technology smoothes forehead wrinkles while lifting and tightening sagging skin on the forehead and upper eyelids. This gently elevates and raises the top eyelid back into place in a completely natural and understated way.

The single brow lift procedure involves absolutely downtime. It also generates superlative results that can last up to 18 months.

Our Number 1 Brow Lift Treatment

The Cosmetic Skin Clinic is the No.1 Ultherapy clinic in the UK. We have been voted as such for 7 years in a row, so you can be assured that your Ultherapy brow lift will be performed in the best possible hands.

To find out more about our Ultherapy Brow Lift, or about other treatments that we offer, call us on 0203 319 3637 (London clinic) or 01753 646 660 (Buckinghamshire clinic). Alternatively, email us at


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