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February 2022

“With her unparalleled expertise, ‘less is more’ approach and technical artistry, Dr Tracy Mountford is one of the most respected doctors in the aesthetic industry, leading a team of hand-picked specialists at the ultra-chic and cutting-edge Cosmetic Skin Clinic.” The Cosmetic Skin Clinic has worked hard for its “trusted reputation by becoming the UK’s leading non-surgical body contouring clinic, all within an ambience that is private, relaxed and informal.” From Tatler’s Beauty and Cosmetic Surgery Guide 2022, discover how the reputation has been earned through our holistic approach and what treatments tackle certain concerns.

UK’s No 1. clinic for Ultherapy for the 8th year in a row

Dr Tracy Mountford says “combining injectables with high-level innovative technology is what we do.” Through this approach, it is why the clinic has “not only been named the UK’s No.1 clinic for Ultherapy for the eight consecutive year but has also been awarded the No. 1 CoolSculpting clinic in the UK and Western Europe for six years.”

The Cosmetic Skin Clinic were one of the “earliest adopters of non-surgical body contouring techniques.” Since the clinic opened in 1990, the team have worked hard by performing “well over three quarters of a million non-surgical treatments.”

Our philosophy, enhance and beautify the face

Simply put, “in a field of injectables, the clinic is long renowned for expertise in non-surgical facial rejuvenation.”

Dr Mountford says, “when it comes to your face, experience matters”… “Our philosophy is simple: we aim to enhance and beautify, rather than to alter, look.” Through a “clever combination of treatments working in synergy to ensure natural, balanced looks” and a team that have perfected bespoke techniques, we get great results.

Why does a combination treatment approach work?

Dr Mountford explains that by “combining injectables with sophisticated skin tightening and lifting technology often achieves results similar to a surgical facelift.”

For instance, a treatment strategy “might start with dermal fillers, to provide support and structure replacing the skin’s natural supply of hyaluronic acid which diminishes with ageing.” Other treatments might include Ultherapy or Morpheus8, to be used in “combination with the fillers to strengthen the canvas of the skin.”

What is BBL Forever Young?

BBL Forever Young “stimulates skin tissue on a deeper level using light-based energy” And is known as a “skin revitaliser, targeting skin imperfections and signs of ageing on a molecular level.”

It creates “new collagen stores” that leave the skin “glowing with dramatically improved texture and radiance. This 15-minute treatment requires no downtime.

Lee Garrett is the clinical lead and a senior aesthetic medical practitioner at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic. He was one of the first to adopt the BBL technology in the UK and truly understands how to create a treatment that offers a “minimal intervention approach.” For patients who want a light touch but fresh results Lee says “BBL Forever Young may be for them.”

How does The Cosmetic Skin Clinic create bespoke beauty?

Through only using “premium FDA-approved facial fillers specifically developed for volumising, smoothing and recontouring the natural contours of the face.” This creates that natural, soft, airbrushed look that “everyone will notice but only the patient will know why.”

At The Cosmetic Skin Clinic, we have an “expertise in more complex treatments such as ‘Temples’, ‘Tear Troughs’ and redefining a jawline, along with ‘corrective’ treatments (weak chin, underpinning volume loss), as well as ‘Beautification’ filler work, too.”

UItherapy results of “tighter, firmer, better” skin

That would be Ultherapy, which is also a “firm favourite of Tess Daly who recently announced how Ultherapy helped to maintain her beautiful, fresh, and natural look.”

Tess Daly says, “I believe in investing in my skin as I do in my general health, looking after what you’ve got. Ultherapy works with your own skin to leave you looking refreshed, like you’ve had a good eight hours’ sleep. Over time my skin felt more radiant, boosted and fresh.”

As the only FDA skin tightening treatment “to lift the skin on the face, neck, chin, brow and decolletage”, Ultherapy is a worthy procedure. With long lasting results and no downtime, many are turning to this less than an hour treatment for their skin concerns.

What non-surgical saviour treatment would you recommend?

Morpheus8 is the latest minimally invasive treatment that is taking off. It is a “revolutionary microneedling radiofrequency energy device that remodels and contours the skin on the face and body.”

Morpheus8 is an FDA approved fractional treatment that “penetrates deep into the skin to create smoother tighter skin with long-lasting results.

What treatments would you recommend for body transformation?

The Cosmetic Skin Clinic is a highly popular first stop for patients wanting a body transformation. Whether they want to reduce fat, tighten skin or build muscle, we can deliver results with “bespoke state-of-the-art treatments.”

Our practitioners try a combination approach of coupling “CoolSculpting (proven to destroy fat cells via controlled cooling) with EMSculpt NEO (electromagnetic stimulation, which works to build muscle and reduce fat).” This approach provides an all-round toned muscle and reduced fat result.

So, whether your goal is to tone and trim your stomach, reduce that double chin, contour your arms or even lift your buttocks, CoolSculpting® and EMSculpt NEO could be the answer, with life-changing results.”

How would CoolSculpting help to recontour curves?

The Cosmetic Skin Clinic has an “unrivalled status for the fat-freezing procedure that is CoolSculpting.”

It is the perfect treatment for tackling those hard to reduce areas that can’t be shifted with diet or exercise. From the dreaded annoying mummy tummy, muffin tops, saddlebags, love hands and double chins, CoolSculpting can target these areas and give lasting results.

With The Cosmetic Skin Clinic being at the forefront of CoolSculpting® treatments, it only makes sense that we are also one of the “first in the UK to offer the new CoolSculpting® Elite, a next generation system which build upon the original cryolipolysis technology with upgraded cooling and the introduction of seven body applicators to fast track fat removal in half the time.”

How does EMSculpt NEO reduce fat and build muscle?

The Cosmetic Skin Clinic’s focus on skin health and wellbeing led to the launch of EMSculpt NEO in the UK. This FDA-cleared procedure excitingly “reduces fat cells by an average of 30 per cent and builds muscle by an average of 25 per cent.”

How? EMSculpt NEO technology combines radiofrequency heating with “high-intensity focused electro-magnetic waves into a single, fast, 30-minute session.”

The Cosmetic Skin Clinic’s ‘less is more’ approach

The clinic team take a “uniquely holistic approach” with their patients. They so do by “combining individual finesse with an innate understanding of the face and body thanks to their unrivalled knowledge of medical aesthetics.”

Our patients love their experience at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic. This is thanks to our “trusted, highly experience group of specialists dedicated to providing the very best innovative techniques, technologies, and patient care that non-surgical cosmetic medicine can offer.” This is also paired with an extensive reception team ready to help every step of the way.

The core to The Cosmetic Skin Clinic’s ‘less is more’ approach is the thought process that “successful cosmetic treatments are all about keeping people guessing ‘has she or hasn’t she?” Dr Mountford says, “The only people who should know the answer to that question are your cosmetic doctor and you.”

Try the less is more signature approach with The Cosmetic Skin Clinic. Our expert practitioners will assess and recommend the best treatment for your concerns. Book your consultation today or call our London or Stock Poges clinic on 03432 538 240.

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