#SkinSchool: Profhilo and other injectable ‘skin boosters’ explained

Harper’s Bazaar 

April 2023 

Harper’s Bazaar Digital Beauty Director, Bridget March delves into the world of injectable moisturisers. Bridget March pulls together everything you need to know about injectable skinboosters with advice from The Cosmetic Skin Clinic’s Dr Johanna Ward. 

A category of advanced aesthetic treatments called ‘skin boosters’ has been gaining popularity among both women and men. These treatments, which include hyaluronic acid-based treatments such as Profhilo, have been dubbed ‘injectable moisturisers’. Unlike traditional dermal fillers that are used to add volume, skin boosters are primarily used to hydrate the skin. 

Profhilo explained 

  • Profhilo involves the strategic placement of 8 injections to the face. You can learn more about the Profhilo BAP technique via our dedicated blog page here. 
  • “Two session are required, around size weeks apart, and most people see the best results around three-to-four week after their second session.” 
  • For Bridget March, her Profhilo results “granted a significant fuller-yet-tighter look nonetheless – as well as a smoothing of crepiness and a youthful ‘you look well!’ glow.” 

Other skin boosters  

Deciding which skin-booster treatment is right for you 

Each skin booster serves a similar purpose but have different abilities. These include which areas it can treat, so these will need to be considered when making your choice. 

For instance, you “might want to investigate Sunekos Performa” if you are “concerned with so-coined crow’s feet and smoker’s lines”. Dr Johanna Ward adds, “In areas with complex requirements and limited other options – like the forehead, around the eyes and in the upper lip – it is perfect.” 

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