8 Great Tweakments to Try for Your Freshest Skin Yet


January 2022 

Digital beauty editor, Hannah Coates knows it is easier said than done to achieving that fresh face look at the start of the year. Factors such as stress and/or cold weather on our skin cannot always be treated with just good skincare. Hannah breaks down the best tweakments that work best for you with a reputable professional on hand to help you. She speaks with the UK’s top dermatologists and aesthetic doctors including from The Cosmetic Skin Clinic to learn the recommended tweakments “for fresh skin this year.” 

“EMSculpt Neo and BBL for body” 

To achieve “an even-toned, radiant skin all over the body”, try a combination treatment of EMSculpt Neo and Forever Young BBL 

The Forever Young BBL is a revolutionary skin resurfacing laser treatment that targets skin texture, signs of ageing, age spots, acne, spider veins and more. BBL reduces wrinkles, blemishes and stimulates “collagen renewal”. EMSculpt Neo “uses radiofrequency and electromagnetic energy to stimulate muscle growth and reduce fat – one session is the equivalent to 20,000 sit-ups in 30 minutes.”  


“Tighten and firm the skin with Ultherapy” at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic! This “FDA-cleared treatment which essentially delivers a non-invasive face lift. Not a new treatment – but a popular one – it works by using high-intensity ultrasound technology to tighten the skin and boost collagen production. It can be used on all areas, from the jowls and brows to decolletage.” 

“Profhilo Body” 

Profhilo is already an ultra-popular treatment for face” and at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic it is ideally used to target sagging across the cheeks or laughter lines to add definition, smoothness and support. However, it can also be used for the body too. “Another skin booster, it involves high-concentration hyaluronic acid injected into the skin” and it “doesn’t affect the volume or shape of the face. What is does do is deeply hydrate, address skin laxity and get you that fresh, juicy glow – whether on your decolletage, abdomen or inner arms” or hands. 

“Teoxane PureSense Redensity 1” 

At The Cosmetic Skin Clinic, you can get “a new mesotherapy (which involves a series of micro-injections across the skin) treatment, Teoxane PureSense Redensity 1.” This treatment “delivers high molecular weight hyaluronic acid to plump and hydrate, alongside a cocktail of nutrients – including amino acids and antioxidants – into the skin. So, what will happen? Well, “thanks to the array of nutrients, expect skin healing, pigmentation and cell turnover to improve.” 

The Cosmetic Skin Clinic 

Our patients’ aesthetic goals are to look refreshed and improved but keep their natural essence. Therefore, our expert aesthetic doctors are highly skilled in creating a subtle result that helps our patients to look their best for their age.  

Through a consultation, our trained experts will create a bespoke treatment plan to help you achieve fresh looking skin through our in-demand tweakments. Revive your skin confidence with our world-class service of giving exceptional results. 

To find out more about specific tweakments mentioned give our London or Stoke Poges, Bucks clinic a call on 0333 242 9285 or book your consultation here. 

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