Pellevé™ The Non Surgical Facelift

The Cosmetic Skin Clinic

Until now, regaining a youthful appearance may have meant invasive surgery and lots of recovery time. The Pellevé™ wrinkle reduction treatment offers another option. It softens wrinkles on the face by slowly heating the deep layers of the skin with a warming device powered by advanced radiowave technology that protects the epidermis, or top layer. The heat helps create new collagen- the fibres that help support the way skin looks and feels. The treatment is carried out in less than an hour and results can be seen right away. Pellevé™ offers a different type of experience with results patients can feel good about.

Because there’s little if any downtime, Pellevé™ is a perfect solution for men and women who’d like a fresher look before a special event. While skin may look firmer and tighter that day, Pellevé™ patients can expect to see their results improve over the following weeks and continue up to six months, so it’s a beauty boost that lasts.

Pellevé™ is a great option for men and women who don’t want to have surgery, but do want to feel better about how they look,” said Dr. Tracy Mountford, one of the UK’s top Cosmetic doctors “we are known for our natural looking results at the Cosmetic Skin Clinic and the Pellevé skin tightening system very much has a place within this practice because it offers the natural results with a single one-hour treatment, and our patients can go right back to work or out that night.” “In fact, patients who have had Pellevé™ say it feels like a warm facial massage. “Pellevé™ technology allows me and practitioners to tailor the procedure to each individual”say’s Doctor Mountford, “which means I can spend more time on the eye area for one patient, for example, or on the lines around the mouth for another. The ability to offer customized treatment is very exciting”.

Free Consultation

As Pellevé is a new introduction to The Cosmetic Skin Clinic, we are offering a complimentary consultation for this treatment to all new patients. To book a consultation to see if Pelleve is suitable for you please call 01753 646660. Our Pelleve treatments  are available in London and Buckinghamshire (Please quote ‘Pellevé CSC WEB’).

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