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Ultherapy Vs Hifu: What is the difference?

Patients often ask us about the key differences between Ultherapy and Hifu technologies, and which of these treatments is better. Both treatments offer a relatively painless and completely non-invasive way to rejuvenate and tighten the skin without surgery. This is why they have risen in popularity as non-surgical alternatives to the standard anti-ageing facelift.

Ultherapy Virtual Event: You’re Invited

Lift and tighten your skin with Ultherapy and join us for our special event. Ultherapy is the ultimate secret behind an ageless-looking face. A firm favourite with UK icon Tess Daly, the treatment lifts and tightens your skin in a single session without any surgery or downtime. It delivers a natural boost to your own collagen and replenishes it at a deeper level to lift and recontour your face in a natural and authentic way.

Tess Daly reveals her love for Ultherapy

April 2021 Tess Daly reveals how she has used Ultherapy's leading collagen-boosting technology to maintain her beautifully ageless face. As a much-loved model and TV personality, and the celebrated presenter of Strictly Come Dancing in the UK, Tess Daly is renowned for her natural beauty inside and out. Today, she exclusively reveals how she has chosen Ultherapy, the world's leading non-surgical skin tightening and lifting treatment, to help maintain and enhance her fresh and natural look.

Thermage Versus Ultherapy: What is the difference?

When patients search for leading non-surgical treatments to tighten and lift the skin, two notable procedures often crop up on people’s beauty radar: Thermage® CPT and Ultherapy®. Both treatments deliver skin tightening and skin lifting benefits without the need for invasive surgery or downtime.

How to get rid of a Fat Neck

Having a fat neck is a common issue for a lot of people. Men and women of all ages can suffer from the problem, and it can make us look overweight or older than we really are. Here, we discuss the causes of a fat neck, and how to get rid of neck fat effectively using the latest non-surgical technologies.

Non-Surgical Butt Lift vs Brazilian Butt Lift: What is the difference?

In an effort to achieve a perfectly toned butt, many women have been seeking out surgical Brazilian butt lifts to tone, lift and plump their behinds. But non-surgical Brazilian butt lifts (bum lifts) are now available to help you attain the look in a safer and less invasive way. In this article, we compare the similarities and differences of these butt enhancement procedures, detailing how you can achieve the same results of a Brazilian butt lift non-surgically.


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