Trimming the mummy tummy with CoolSculpting in London


Having children is a wonderful blessing to any woman; the joy they bring to our lives, filling first our bellies and then our hearts with more love than we knew was possible, is a wonder to experience. However, as women, keeping in shape and trimming up after months of having our tummies stretched by pregnancy may become a priority difficult to achieve. Not everyone’s body just bounces back after birth; some take a little more work than others. CoolSculpting in London offers a solution to help with the mummy tummy, taking you from a round, blooming contour to a place where you can get that flat physique back.

The pregnant belly

As the baby grows inside of your belly, the abdominal muscle (these are the two rows of muscles running down your belly) begins to stretch. Sometimes, this pair of muscles can separate if stretched far enough This is not a big deal and they will knit themselves back together by about a year after giving birth. The skin of your stomach stretches too, and your body does a wonderful job of storing fat throughout your pregnancy to help give you the energy to give birth.

The postpartum belly

Once a woman gives birth and her uterus has settled back into its pre-pregnancy shape, abdominal exercises may be undertaken to help strengthen the core once again. However, even after losing the majority of pregnancy weight, a little bit of a pooch may remain, and it can be a stubborn area of fat that is difficult to get rid of. This is where CoolSculpting in London comes in.

The jiggly area of fat on the belly after pregnancy is known as Fluffy fat. Hormonally women are more inclined to keep some fluffy fat postpartum to help them keep the energy up during breastfeeding. This fat is fairly lightweight but very voluminous (hence the term fluffy) and it can be targeted by CoolSculpting treatments at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic in London.

CoolSculpting Fat Freezing treatments postpartum

As a general rule of thumb, it’s best to give your body about 3-6 months after breastfeeding before undertaking any cosmetic procedures. If you’ve opted out of breastfeeding it is considered healthy to wait about 6 months after delivering the baby, giving the body time to heal, so that it may undergo treatment, even if the treatment is as non-invasive as CoolSculpting in London. Known as the ‘mommy makeover’ in some circles, CoolSculpting is a safe treatment to use for toning up that pooch, giving you a fair chance at getting your pre-baby body back.

The area of fat on the belly is frozen during the procedure in a process called cryolipolysis. The fat is then broken away from the cell walls as it can no longer serve its function and is processed through the body by the liver and then expelled from the body, leaving you with a better chance at toning the tummy to the desired effect.

CoolSculpting for mummy tummy – before and after results

coolsculpting fat freezing before and after mummy tummy

Other areas that we treat with the incredible CoolSculpting Fat Freezing treatment are:

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