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Not only is excess fat unhealthy but, for some, it decreases our confidence and self-esteem, and we can sometimes become obsessed with unsustainable and non-nutritional fad diets in order to reduce our calorie intake. Often, these do not work and, instead, can lead to further weight gain. 

If you are serious about losing fat permanently but have tried every fat loss trick in the book to no avail, why not do your homework on Coolsculpting in Buckinghamshire?

Book a consultation with us, The Cosmetic Skin Clinic. We are considered to be the No.1 Coolsculpting clinic in the United Kingdom for the past six years – let us accompany you on your fat loss journey!

Does Coolsculpting in Buckinghamshire work?

We know that there are a lot of weight loss products on the market that promise transformative body changes without delivering satisfactory results. The brand Coolsculpting is not one of these!

Founded by Dr Tracy Mountford, our clinic is made up of a team trained explicitly for Coolsculpting. We have multiple Coolsculpting machines so we have the ability to offer dual sculpting to all of our patients who want to reduce their fat in more than one area, in a single session. Dualsculpting means using two machines simultaneously, which cuts the treatment time down by half!  We prioritise your comfort too – we have designated Coolsculpting suites where you can sit back and relax in comfort while we freeze away the fat. 

Can I expect fast results?

Coolsculpting in Buckinghamshire is not a quick fix; results are gradual yet effective.

You will notice slight changes in your body as early as four to six weeks after treatment, with further results seen after a couple of months. 

Reducing your fat takes time because your body continually flushes dead fat cells from your body for up to six months after your treatment session with us. 

How does Coolsculpting in Buckinghamshire work?

Simply put, we freeze fat cells using Cryolipolysis. Cryolipolysis, the scientific term for Coolsculpting reduces your fat by exposing it to unsustainably cold temperatures that fat cells cannot survive in. 

We use vacuum-type applicators that we place against the skin and channel controlled cooling to the targeted area(s). During this time, you might feel cold, possibly numb and feel a tugging sensation for about 5 minutes. This feeling subsides after ten minutes, then you can read, watch TV or even catch a nap.

Can Coolsculpting in Buckinghamshire be used as a replacement for healthy eating and exercise?

We gladly recommend Coolsculpting to people with stubborn fat that seemingly cannot be removed naturally, even though they adhere to a good diet and exercise. That said, we cannot advise that you replace those mentioned above with Coolsculpting alone. 

Because the destroyed fat cells have no way of growing back, Coolsculpting does deliver positive and permanent results. That said, the surrounding fat cells in the untreated areas can still expand without proper nutrition and an active lifestyle. But when the treated fat cells have gone, they’re gone for good. See our CoolSculpting before and after Gallery to see results from real patients!

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