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On last night’s show Channel 5; ‘Ten Years Younger In Ten Days’ we saw a make-over of two ladies that through general public perception aged them at least ten years older than their actual age.

I have been treating patients for over 30 years with non-surgical facelifts; the treatments are placed gradually, over time, so that their friends only notice they look fresher and great for their age but the treatment itself remains undetectable.

In a recent report ‘The Latest 2020 Trends & Innovations in Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetics’ ; the proof was it’s not for the ‘glam factor’. Indeed the top three reasons for having a procedure was to feel more confident (32%) look fresher and more rested (16%) and only (11%) to look younger… 3% said it was to look better on social media.

The next big trend? Over half the respondents (54%) thought the next big trend would be focused on non-surgical treatments that were once surgical. (e.g. non-surgical rhinoplasty, jawline/temple contouring) of which we have seen a significant upturn in demand.

That was then…

Years ago, we used to ‘chase lines’ by filling in the lines and wrinkles, but this didn’t have the effect in making them look younger. Cheeks became the next big thing, but administered badly could look ‘over volumized’ or ‘overfilled’.

This is now…

Nowadays we have a completely different approach. Patients are consulted differently; we look at the face now from every angle. Fillers are longer lasting today and have malleability to move with the structure of the face. We inject more strategically, via cannulas as well as needles, safely delivering fillers to underpin to add support the structure. This restores lost volume where it is needed most, enhances the facial contours having a high impact. The name of the game is minimal intervention for maximal gain.

Combination Treatments for added Oomph

We often combine fillers in combination with skin tightening treatments such as HIFU technology like Ultherapy to tighten and lift the skin, improving laxity and the overall skin quality. Profhilo is a huge favourite as it acts directly on the skin’s elasticity with its unique Bioremodeling which has an immediate tightening effect. Also, light lasers such as Clear+Brilliant are great to address the texture tone and luminosity of the skin.

So, there are many reasons for a person’s motivation for non-surgical procedures, but our evidence shows it’s all about looking great whatever age you are.

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