How To Nourish Your Décolletage and Neck with Profhilo


Whilst neck and decolletage creams are very good to use in your daily skincare regime, Profhilo delivers deep-level firmness and hydration to your skin. It does this by regenerating, nourishing, tightening and smoothing the skin using strategic sub-dermal injections across target areas of weakness.

The Profhilo treatment explained

Profhilo is a unique bio-remodelling injectable treatment that works by stimulating your own production of collagen and elastin. It provides a supportive layer of hyaluronic acid underneath the skin to improve skin texture, elasticity and hydration and creates an immediate lifting effect.

Although Profhilo contains hyaluronic acid, it is not a dermal filler. It will not plump or add any volume to the areas treated. Instead, it has been coined by The Times as ‘a moisturiser in a jab’. Olivia Falcon, founder of The Editors List, likens it to “putting the most flattering Instagram filter on your face.” This is because of its higher concentrations of hyaluronic acid which acts to improve the skin tissue quality by boosting and hydrating the skin as well as smoothing, lifting and tightening it.

Profhilo takes about 15-20 minutes to inject 5 strategic points across the face (Learn more about the Profhilo BAP technique in our dedicated blog). You may notice some small red bumps but they usually disappear a few hours after treatment. You can usually cover them up with mineral makeup.

Profhilo Skin Renewal

Treatable areas with Profhilo

Profhilo is ideal for treating areas that have sufficient volume but require tightening and smoothing such as; face, neck, arms, hands, décolletage, and knees.

What our professionals are saying about Profhilo

Dr Tracy Mountford Founder, “Profhilo is a breakthrough injectable hyaluronic acid treatment designed to treat skin laxity and give an injectable lift.” 

Dr Joanna Christou MBBS BDS, “Profhilo Skin injectables helps with the bio regeneration of your skin by stimulating the highest concentration of your own collagen and elastin. Perfect for a smooth, soft, luminous glow to the skin.”

What the national press is saying about Profhilo

Journalist Imogen Edwards-Jones said that Profhilo knocked 5 years off her face. “My skin felt plumper, tighter and developed a sheen as if I was wearing one of those slightly reflective foundations or a highlighter, except I wasn’t.” Get the Gloss Profhilo Review

Marian Keyes, The Sunday Times wrote: “Within days – mind! Blown! My skin looked radiant, even-textured, fresh, plumped – all the good things! I appeared healthy, rested, happy, as if I’d been on an extended holiday, breathing clean mountain air and drinking full-fat milk.” The Sunday Times Marian Keyes Reviews The Injectable Hyaluronic Acid Treatment

Lottie Winter, Glamour Magazine says: “The radiance boost was like nothing I have experienced before from any number of creams, scrubs or serums – and it kept on getting better as my skin produced more and more collagen.” Glamour Magazine’s Lottie Winter Injectable Skincare Review

Profhilo at a glance

What is Profhilo? An injectable hyaluronic acid used to boost and hydrate the skin as well as lift and tighten

How does Profhilo work? Provides a supportive layer of hyaluronic acid under the skin to improve skin texture. It also enhances elasticity and hydration with an immediate tightening effect.

Where can Profhilo be used? Face, neck, hands, decolletage and knees

Profhilo Treatment time: 15 minutes comprising two treatments four weeks apart

Profhilo Downtime: Minimal

Profhilo Results: 4 weeks post second treatment

Profhilo Maintenance top-ups: Every 4- 6 months.

Profhilo Cost: From £550

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