The Controversy Around Fillers – Dr Tracy Mountford & Alice Hart-Davis


Are dermal fillers controversial? 

When we think of fillers, we sometimes reflect on the much-publicised situations where dermal fillers have gone wrong. You only have to look at beauty news feeds across social media, or stories in the tabloid press to quickly identify circumstances where individuals have used dermal fillers in the wrong way. From puffed up lips to over-angular cheeks, it’s is clear that dermal fillers can be used incorrectly to completely alter a person’s looks. This is why some people still regard the use of dermal fillers as a controversial subject.

To confront this matter, Dr Tracy Mountford had the opportunity to speak with one of the leading experts in the aesthetics industry, Alice Hart-Davis – the author behind The Tweakments Guide – to answer the question on many people’s lips: Are fillers controversial? 

Why dermal fillers go wrong

Fillers are one of the most popular treatments in the aesthetics industry, especially with celebrities and younger patients. However, when patients witness overdone treatments, many people become afraid of fillers and are not sure how they can be used effectively.

Alice explains how these instances create an image of improper use that doesn’t accurately represent how useful fillers can be. She explains how fillers are often a source of confusion for people:

“They’re not quite sure what they do in the face, but they have also seen a lot of bad work with fillers and that scares them.” 

When used incorrectly to over-plump an area, dermal fillers can generate an artificial look that defies natural beauty. But Dr Mountford emphasises how this doesn’t need to be the case when they are applied by a trained clinician.

Rethinking dermal filler treatments

As Dr Mountford points out in the video, it is important that people understand how fillers do so much more than just fill lines and wrinkles. As we age, our bone structure and fat begin to shrink, and our face and gums start to recede, giving us sagging skin and a drawn appearance. Fillers, when used expertly, are fantastic at bringing back structure to the face to make you look younger and more symmetrical, while also combatting the loss of volume and shape that occurs when we age. 

In fact, Dr Mountford said that if she were to choose one treatment to make people look younger above all others, “fillers would be [her] choice.”

With this in mind, we encourage individuals to rethink fillers as a controversial treatment choice. When used effectively in qualified hands, their potential for natural-looking beautification is excellent.

Fillers at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic

The best thing about fillers is their versatility. 

Dermal fillers smooth fine lines and wrinkles as well as restore volume in the face. They also replenish the hyaluronic acid in your body, keeping your skin looking youthful and fresh. A combination of dermal fillers and a collagen-boosting treatment can even be used as an alternative to a facelift

Lip fillers are another popular treatment that can subtly plump the limp and define the Cupid’s Bow. Tear Trough fillers refresh ageing and tired eyes, softening bags and dark circles. We can also do subtle brow lifts with fillers as well as non-surgical rhinoplasty.

Fillers are a great tool for bringing back shape to the face and restoring that youthful look. They bring out the cheekbones and jawline, giving a contoured look that is so popular today.

Less is more

By following a less is more approach, we enhance your natural features in an age-appropriate way. 

With an experienced, highly visual doctor, there should be no ‘over-filled’ or ‘over-plumped’ look. In fact, no one should be able to detect that treatment has taken place at all – only your beautifully revitalised new look.

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