CoolSculpting near me using the CoolMini


For those of us who are looking at cosmetic treatments to try to help give ourselves the fresh, contoured look that we want our body to have, it can be difficult to know which treatment is the right one for our specific needs and desires. A good place to start would be by looking for CoolSculpting near me. This is because CoolSculpting is a treatment that can deliver a visible reduction in the appearance of bulges and/or pockets of fat, and is suitable for use on many different areas of the body. In addition, CoolSculpting has a few different applicators that are used for its treatments, for example, the CoolMini, which is effective at treating bulges of fat around the chin or double chin in particular. If CoolSculpting and the CoolMini are beginning to sound interesting to you, then read on to find out more about them, and how treatments using them work, as well as the sort of results you can come to expect from them.

If by the end of this article you start to think more about CoolSculpting near me, and potentially even decide that you would like to have CoolSculpting done for yourself, then you will need to consider which clinic to visit to have it performed. If so, then you may wish to go to The Cosmetic Skin Clinic. Here at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic, we are the market leaders in both the UK and in Western Europe for performing CoolSculpting. With over 16,000 CoolSculpting treatments performed in both of our clinics, in London and Buckinghamshire, we are proud of our reputation for delivering superlative results, and our team of skilled and well-trained practitioners will be sure to treat you with the utmost care and consideration.

The CoolMini

The CoolMini is an applicator used for treating smaller areas of fat. CoolSculpting itself works through a process known as cryolipolysis or ‘fat freezing’. This process delivers precisely controlled cooling to the body’s fat cells, causing them to crystallise and then die. Once they have died, the body will then metabolise and get rid of the dead fat cells by dissolving them into the bloodstream. This results in the body looking more contoured, and a reduction in the appearances of fat bulges.

The CoolMini works via the same process, but it is more specific in terms of the areas of the body that it targets. That is to say, if you are looking for CoolSculpting near me, and find a treatment that uses the CoolMini, it will most likely be being used in a treatment to target a double chin, or possibly bra, knee or ankle fat (sometimes referred to as cankles.)

For double chin treatments in particular though, the CoolMini is distinctly advantageous to use. This is because it is designed with a small vacuum cup, which makes it ideal for treating submental fat, which is another word used for the fat beneath the chin. Often, for double chin treatments, the CoolMini is combined with Ultherapy treatment; a treatment which uses radiofrequency technology to lift and tighten the skin around the chin and neck, resulting in a more defined jawline.


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