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Wonder Women: The Cosmetic Skin Clinic


March 2021

In a dedicated double-page spread, The Cosmetic Skin Clinic is featured in Tatler’s 2021 Beauty and Cosmetic Surgery Guide. Tatler’s beauty journalists explain how the clinic’s team are some of “the most trusted professionals in the industry, offering understated yet exquisite” and “life-changing results.”

The magazine profiles how The Cosmetic Skin Clinic creates “bespoke treatments using proven, cutting-edge technologies that give subtle, beautiful results,” while explaining how Dr Tracy Mountford’s philosophy is central to this.

The Cosmetic Skin Clinic® has a winning formula: an inspirational founder with more than 30 years’ experience in non-surgical aesthetics, plus a team of specialist cosmetic doctors and medical practitioners – all united by a shared philosophy.”

Dr Tracy Mountford summarises this approach as “minimal intervention for maximum gain. Her mission is to “retain and regain patients’ natural-looking youth and beauty, because, as everyone knows, when you look good, you feel good.”

Tech Innovation

The clinic’s innovative approach to technology is commended in the article:

“The Cosmetic Skin Clinic® is also known for being at the forefront of innovative technology. Dr Mountford is a Key Opinion Leader and is on the international faculty for CoolSculpting, and is a UK ambassador for EMSculpt Neo. The clinic holds the accolade of being the only UK Centre of Excellence for Ultherapy skin lifting.”

“By offering only gold-standard devices from some of the world’s leading brands, the team surpasses the expectations of even their most clued-up patients. They excel at performing complex combination procedures for superlative results with minimal downtime.”

Body Experts

In the UK, the clinic stands out as the “go-to destination for body transformation treatments” like CoolSculpting, EMSculpt and EMSculpt Neo. The clinic leads the way when combining these “bespoke state-of-the-art treatments to reduce fat, build muscle and tighten the skin.”

Combining CooSculpting fat freezing with EMSculpt NEO is a highly effective combination approach that is proving to generate impressive results. EMSculpt NEO “reduces fat cells by an average of 30 per cent and builds muscle by an average of 25 per cent.”

“Whether you’re looking to treat your buttocks, tone and trim your abdomen, tackle a double chin or even contour your arms, CoolSculpting and EMSculpt NEO could be the answer to a beautifully strong and sculpted body.”

Ultherapy: The ‘Non-Surgical Saviour’

The clinic also leads the way with its Ultherapy treatments:

“The Cosmetic Skin Clinic® is now in its seventh year as the UK number one for Ultherapy, ‘the non-surgical facelift’. Deploying powerful ultrasound, Ultherapy can prevent skin laxity, boost collagen production, and impart a fresher, lifted appearance.”

The CSC HydraSmooth treatment

As a consistent industry innovator, the clinic has also developed its own unique treatment combinations to give patients outstanding results. One of these is “The Cosmetic Skin Clinic®’s signature HydraSmooth treatment: a winning combination of Profhilo and Tixel.”

These “deeply nourishing” treatments work perfectly together as a “fast-track ticket to dewy, firm and quenched skin.”

Beautiful results

When it comes to patient results, Dr Tracy’s mission is always to “retain and regain natural-looking youth and beauty.”

“The team’s advanced understanding of aesthetics, coupled with their exceptional artistry and care, creates flawless, yet utterly undetectable results.”

Dr Mountford concludes: “Successful cosmetic treatments are all about keeping people guessing “has she or hasn’t she?”,’ The only people who should know the answer to that question are your cosmetic doctor and you.”

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