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Why I’ve Come Out as Grey

Daily Mail Online

March 2021

Much-loved journalist and broadcaster Katie Spicer details her personal journey of “going grey” along with the “surprising results” that go with it. In her light-hearted, positive way, she reflects on the personal challenges that come with the ageing process, from suffering the signs of her very first grey hairs to dealing with the gradual “reduction of collagen” across her face.

When musing on this process, she concludes that it was harder to live with the physical effects of ageing on her face than it was in terms of her hair. She comments:

 “What was harder to live with is that age had made my face longer, flatter, thinner and my chin more pointy. Some days my skin and hair together were a cruel pairing. That long face bothered me more than the grey ever could.”

After feeling this sense of despair, she decided to seek professional intervention to address the signs of ageing across her face. She reached out to Dr Tracy Mountford of The Cosmetic Skin Clinic, who presented a budget-conscious way for Kate to revitalise her face in a completely natural-looking way. She explains:

“I hunted for the right person and found Tracy Mountford, who is well known for making ageing TV presenters look naturally done. I told her I was on a budget. She prescribed a minimal intervention that required two 3ml syringes of filler to put a bit of width, rather than volume, back in my face, and a dab of Botox to relax the muscle that was making my witchy chin.”

This classic combined approach utilises dermal fillers to nourish and restore volume across sagging and drooping areas of the skin. It also utilises the wrinkle-targeting effects of botulinum toxin injections smooth out the appearance of deep-set wrinkles. This delicate strategy ensured that Kate didn’t suddenly look like she had opted for an extreme surgical facelift. Instead, “all the wrinkles remained, but the overall look was more vital.”

This gave Kate newfound confidence in herself while minimising her worries about getting old. She concluded:

“Now all I need to do is smile more – this at least is free.”

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