Skincare Special: The Doctor will see you now – Vogue

In a dedicated skincare special, Vogue journalist Georgia Day takes a closer look at the phenomenal market growth of non-surgical cosmetic treatments while charting the key catalysts that are driving their demand.

Georgia begins by explaining how the industry is set to be worth £3 billion by 2024. She points to the growing “collective appetite” for aesthetic treatments in recent years while explaining how new factors like the pandemic and its related ‘Zoom Face’ effect have contributed to a surge in demand.

She also explains how aesthetic procedures have grown so much in popularity in recent times that they are now “considered by many to be a routine part of anti-ageing regimens.” She interviews Dr Tracy Mountford as part of the report, who confirms these emerging trends by talking about her own patient experiences at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic:

“We’ve seen a tidal wave of women in their thirties and early forties who want to get a head start on their anti-ageing process,” Tracy comments. “They’re looking for treatments that invest in their collagen for the future and work preventatively.”

Bridging the gap between what can be achieved non-surgically and surgically, or what Dr Mountford labels as “sprint versus marathon treatments,” is said to be another key growing trend.

The article concludes by emphasising the increasing technological advancements of skin rejuvenation treatments like Profhilo, which are opening up brand-new doors for patients who want to enhance their skin quality in ground-breaking ways. Dr Mountford ends the article by focusing on Ultherapy as a key example of these highly effective breakthrough treatments. This “gold-standard” in non-invasive skin tightening uses thermal ultrasound energy to lift the skin across not only the face, neck and jawline, but also on focused areas like the brow, giving patients a new way to achieve a brow lift without the need for any injectables:

“’We can accentuate a high-arch brow, create a shallow-arch brow or create a low-lying ‘boy brow,’” says Dr Mountford. “It gives long-lasting results depending on the age and lifestyle of the patient.”

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