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Treatment Demand at a High Across the Board

Aesthetic Medicine

March 2021

Aesthetic Medicine magazine reports on the sharp rise in demand for a broad range of cosmetic treatments. The publication explores independent consumer research commissioned by The Cosmetic Skin Clinic, in partnership with The Private Clinic.

The research seeks to understand current consumer attitudes towards cosmetic enhancement treatments, particularly in light of the nationwide lockdown. A key finding was that “almost a third of Britons under the age of 35 would consider having anti-wrinkle injections,” while “50% of those surveyed” are prepared to undergo “a non-invasive treatment to improve their appearance.”

This is in keeping with the Zoom-face phenomenon reported by The Cosmetic Skin Clinic during the first UK-wide lockdown, which saw patients paying closer attention to aspects of their appearance that they wanted to improve thanks to seeing themselves frequently in video calls.

Rise in demand

The survey revealed that “one in five” respondents stated that “seeing themselves during an online call had convinced them to consider toxin or filler injections.” This strong rise in demand for skin rejuvenating injectables like dermal fillers is also backed up by data from The Cosmetic Skin Clinic and The Private Clinic, which shows a “160% spike year-on-year in the number of bookings for non-surgical procedures.”

Skin tightening and lifting treatments ranked highly on the consumer radar in particular, with “32% of respondents considering taking a skin-tightening treatment” like Ultherapy, while “a quarter” stating that they would “consider fillers in their lips, jawline or cheeks.”

A third of respondents also said they would try a skin-rejuvenation treatment like micro-needling or radiofrequency, with treatments like Thermage CPT and Pelleve playing a central role.

Natural Cosmetic Growth

The survey also highlighted how many patients are preferring to choose treatments that will uplift and enhance their natural looks, rather than completely transform them. This is reflected in the rise of non-invasive treatments that work to accentuate and improve skin quality and body shapes, rather than making people look different.

Valentina Petrone, group managing director for The Private Clinic and The Cosmetic Skin Clinic, commented: “Our research clearly shows that consumers are wanting cosmetic procedures in greater quantities than previously seen. This is a trend we have seen for some years now, as people invest more in self-care and self-improvement, to boost confidence and their overall wellbeing. The pandemic doesn’t seem to have changed that – quite the opposite, we have seen a surge in demand.”

“It is also reassuring to read that the main motivator for people is wanting to preserve their looks as opposed to wanting to transform themselves.”

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