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January 2022 

Freelance Beauty Director, Caroline Brien explores the ways in which dermal fillers can “do more than snuff out facial wrinkles and plump cheeks.” Speaking with The Cosmetic Skin Clinic’s facial aesthetic doctor, Dr Joanna Christou, Caroline discovers how she uses the “new, next generation formulas” in an innovative way to reshape the nose “with appealing precision and subtlety.” 

What dermal filler do you use? 

Dr Joanna Christou says it is “an artistic process” to use Teoxane dermal filler to temporarily alter a nose shape in a 30-minute appointment. 

Why choose dermal filler for a “liquid nose job”? 

Simply put, “fillers are a great alternative for those who don’t want surgery, don’t want the downtime or are looking for a trial run before permanent surgery.” 

With the use of Teoxane, there are so many different textures that can help create either a subtle or a stronger or more defined look. It all depends on what your goals are. With this treatment, “not only is it instant and minimally invasive, it’s very rewarding.” 

What has the feedback been like for a nose reshape with dermal filler? 

“Often clients like the results so much that they forget surgery and have an annual refresh and refine filler treatment instead.” 

How do you remedy nose issues such as a bump or “dorsal hump”? 

To create that streamlined appearance, volume to the surrounding areas need to be added. Joanna explains, “after numbing cream, filler is injected with very careful placement to build up the shape. I work bit by bit so I can assess the result from every angle at eye level and looking down the tip, making tiny tweak in different areas. It’s a layered approach to get the right results.” 

Can you get a liquid nose job done by any injector? 

Joanna advises “this is a high-end specialty so choose a practitioner with the same style and aesthetic eye as you to get the result you want.”  

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