#SkinSchool: Ways to menopause-proof your skin – Harper’s Bazaar

Harper’s Bazaar

October 2023

Harper’s Bazaar Group Luxury Beauty Director, Katy Young explores ways in which you can manage hormonal skin when entering the perimenopause. Ahead of World Menopause Awareness Day (October 18th), The Cosmetic Skin Clinic’s Dr. Johanna Ward shares her insights and top tips for making the most of menopause.

According to Dr. Johanna Ward, a cosmetic doctor trusted by Bazaar, numerous women contemplate specialised targeted treatments to aid their skin through menopause and minimise the effects of visible aging.

What entry-level injectable treatment would Dr Johanna recommend?

A commonly recommended beginner-level treatment for those new to the world of non-invasive enhancements is a ‘skin booster’ such as Profhilo.

  • Dr Ward explains, “Exceptionally low risk, this treatment injects pure hyaluronic acid into the skin to create deep cellular hydration and stimulates collagen repair and regeneration in the long run.”

What non-injectable treatment would be good to tackle menopause?

  • “Energy treatments like Thermage FLX, Morpheus8 and Ultherapy are absolute gems for tightening ageing skin,” … “They work through the interaction of thermal energy in the skin and the resultant collagen regeneration pathway it activates,” says Dr Johanna Ward.

What other common injectable treatments does Dr Johanna Ward recommend?

  • Dr Ward confirms that “Anti-wrinkle injections such as Botox can soften and reduce lines and wrinkles,” and that “dermal fillers such as Teoxane’s RHA range not only replenish the areas of facial volume loss, but due to their patented technology the product is able to move and flex with facial movements and expressions, allowing for a more natural-looking result”.

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