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Shape of Tomorrow – Body Special


February 2021

In the February edition of British Vogue featuring Dua Lipa as the cover star, beauty journalist Georgia Day explores the latest boom in hi-tech aesthetic treatments that work to “tone, sculpt and refine the body, without a scalpel in sight.”

While the “facial aesthetics market is flourishing,” with ever-popular treatments like dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections now accounting for “9 out of 10 procedures,” a new trend has emerged for “non-invasive body treatments that yield results as impressive as their surgical counterparts.”

The Cosmetic Skin Clinic’s Dr Tracy Mountford comments on this “new generation” of treatments by emphasising how cosmetic practitioners can now attain impressive body sculpting results without any surgery or downtime. She comments:

“In many instances, we can achieve a surgical result with a non-surgical approach,” explains Dr Tracy Mountford, the founder and medical director of The Cosmetic Skin Clinic. “We can address the whole body from head-to-toe by treating three key target areas: muscle, fat and skin.”

Whether you are looking to trim fat, reshape or refine your body, a “multifaceted approach to body treatments” now exists thanks to the latest innovations in body sculpting technologies. One stand-out treatment is EMSculpt, a high-intensity electromagnetic treatment that stimulates muscle contractions to burn through fat and build muscle at the same time. Dr Mountford elaborates:

“EMSculpt can shape and recontour the abdomen, buttocks and calves,” says Dr Mountford. “As an additional benefit of this treatment, because it strengthens the glutes and the core, it can also improve hip and back pain.”

Another body sculpting treatment mentioned in the article is CoolSculpting, which is often combined with the muscle-building benefits of EMSculpt to achieve maximum fat reduction and muscle toning results. CoolSculpting “banishes stubborn pockets of fat” by using a cooling technology to freeze subcutaneous fat layers just beneath the skin. This breaks them down, before the body dispels of the fat tissues naturally.

Together, these technologies offer a great non-surgical answer to help patients shift fat while toning up their physique, without any surgery or arduous efforts in the gym.

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