New-Gen Body Contouring Treatments Are The Exercise-Free Way To Sculpt & Tone

New-Gen Body Contouring Treatments Are The Exercise-Free Way To Sculpt & Tone


February 2021

Vogue journalist Georgia Day reports on how a selection of top cosmetic doctors are now offering a range of “hi-tech procedures to tone, sculpt and refine the body – without a scalpel in sight.”

Following the widespread “boom in facial aesthetics” across the UK, with injectable treatments like fillers and anti-wrinkle injections now accounting for “nine out of 10” cosmetic procedures, there has been a noticeable shift in focus of late to “a new generation of non-invasive body treatments that can yield results as impressive as their surgical counterparts.”

Speaking to Dr Tracy Mountford of The Cosmetic Skin Clinic, Georgia explores, how these “evolving technologies” can now “debulk, reshape or refine” our bodies using a “multifaceted” approach that yields impressive results.

Dr Tracy Mountford explains: “In many instances, we can achieve a surgical result with a non-surgical approach. We can address the whole body from head-to-toe by treating three key target areas: muscle, fat and skin.”

The most exciting treatments have been designed with “our collective obsession with fitness” in mind. They aim to support and enhance our existing workout regimes by emulating and maximising their results. These “new wave of treatments build, strengthen and tone muscle by replicating intense twist, squat and crunch actions.”

One such example is EMSculpt, a “muscle stimulation device” that “uses high-intensity electromagnetic muscle stimulation” to sculpt and contour the body in a similar way to exercise. Dr Tracy Mountford details the benefits of this ground-breaking treatment:

“EMSculpt can shape and recontour the abdomen, buttocks and calves,” says Dr Mountford. “As an additional benefit of this treatment, because it strengthens the glutes and the core, it can also improve hip and back pain.”

We can also combine this treatment with “traditional fat-reducing procedures” like CoolSculpting, which have been designed to banishstubborn pockets of fat.”

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