Midlife miniskirts: would you wear one over 50? – The Times

The Times 

March 2022 

Fashion is cyclical, but the unspoken rules that once were no longer apply. The Times writers, including Rosie Green fight against the notion that short skirts are exclusive to those aged under 50. Throwing away this age limit, Rosie Green explains just why she will get her legs out in a miniskirt with a little help from The Cosmetic Skin Clinic. 

Breaking the ageism ceiling in the fashion industry 

Rosie Green (47) says her best assets are her legs, and she loves that miniskirts and minidresses are back. After seeing their comeback on the catwalks, at the glitziest parties and in the hottest holiday resorts, she is excited to get her legs out. 

With the likes of Sienna Miller (40), Nicole Kidman (54) and Heidi Klum (48) championing the “thigh-scraper” outfit, fashion is ushering in a new era of all men and women no matter their age feeling great in their own skin and clothes. 

“As a midlifer I am aware that I will be the recipient of some side-eye”… “but no: I’m not going to be told I should be excluded from an entire fashion category because I am 47.” However, Rosie wants her legs to be in peak condition and she does so with treatments that make it look like she has “made no effort at all.” 

Sclerotherapy for legs 

Through sclerotherapy, Rosie has treated her thread veins. Sclerotherapy corrects those unwanted leg veins through “injecting the veins with a solution that causes them to collapse.” It is best to get this treatment done in advance as after your treatment you will “have to wear surgical stockings for a week.” So, make sure you plan ahead. 

Profhilo injections for legs 

Rosie says, “The knees are the bane of the midlife miniskirt-wearer’s life, and the skin above mine is just beginning to slide downwards, creating a little pouch that overhangs my knee.”  

A great way to tackle skin laxity around the knee is with Profhilo injections. “This is an injectable moisturiser that delivers a hit of hydration and kick-starts collagen production, and has just become available for use on the body.”  

At The Cosmetic Skin Clinic, we know how game changing Profhilo Body is. Discover the ground-breaking abilities of Profhilo Body here. 

Radiofrequency injections + microneedling for legs 

Rosie combines the Profhilo injections with a radiofrequency treatment to tighten the skin on the leg with an extra push from microneedling. 

At The Cosmetic Skin Clinic, our Morpheus8 treatment combines both microneedling “(making tiny wounds with needles to stimulate the skin to repair and rejuvenate)” and radiofrequency “(uses heat to do the same thing).” This minimally invasive treatment can give effective tightening and smoothing contouring results targeting the legs. 

EMSculpt for legs 

Rosie has also signed herself up for “EmSculpt at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic” to build muscle and burn fat. It sculpts the body with no pain and no downtime. With the ability to create 20,000 muscle contractions in 30 minutes, it can achieve a 16% average increase in muscle mass 2-4 weeks post-treatment. EmSculpt can result in your legs looking trim and sculpted in that skirt. 

The Cosmetic Skin Clinic 

If you feel like your legs need a bit of a polish and tweak for you to be confident to strut them again in a miniskirt, The Cosmetic Skin Clinic is ready to help you feel like you. We provide refreshed and improved results that will meet your aesthetic goals. 

With our highly trained practitioners, and our top of the class equipment, we create bespoke treatment plans to revive your body confidence. To find out more about any specific treatments mentioned, please book your consultation here or give our London or Buckinghamshire clinic a call on 0330 134 7268. 

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