The Essence of Hydration – Harper’s Bazaar

The Essence of Hydration

Harper’s Bazaar

October 2020

In this month’s Harper’s Bazaar magazine, The Cosmetic Clinic’s Dr Sophie Shotter talks all about the beautifully hydrating benefits of facial fillers like Juvéderm.

Sophie begins by explaining why hyaluronic acid (HA), a key ingredient in fillers like Juvéderm, is such a vital component when it comes to maintaining hydration. “Hyaluronic acid is your skin’s natural moisturiser,” with a unique capacity to keep our skin looking plump and vibrant thanks to its moisture-retaining properties.

The article then expands on the beautifying benefits of hyaluronic acid by emphasising not only its hydrating actions, but also its anti-inflammatory and skin-firming benefits. Scientific studies have proven how HA boosts moisturisation while also enhancing skin elasticity. It also possesses the amazing ability to increase the absorption of other active ingredients like peptides, retinols and vitamin C, helping us to maximise the effectiveness of our overall skincare regimes.

Given these plus points, the article cites why it is no surprise that demand for HA has sky-rocketed, with Google searches for hyaluronic acid doubling in the UK over the last year. Consumers are now meeting this demand by opting for facial fillers, which use HA as a key ingredient.

But Dr Sophie Shotter from The Cosmetic Skin Clinic notes that not all fillers are the same. Some, like Juvéderm Vycross, are more robust and long-lasting thanks to their use of patented technology, which explains why “Juvéderm Vycross is the most widely used brand of hyaluronic acid fillers.” Juvéderm’s advanced formulation allows the filler to blend more evenly with skin tissue to give a completely natural look. It also has long-lasting results compared to other filler options, with effects lasting between nine to 24 months depending on the patient and the specific treatment chosen.

Dr Sophie Shotter also highlights the benefits of another Juvéderm filler named Juvéderm Volite, a lighter product that hydrates and moisturises the skin through a series of tiny injections to the subdermal layer. She concludes by heralding this specific filler as her top go-to hyaluronic acid treatment. She comments:

“I use Volite as an ‘injectible sponge’ for hydration and smoothness; it helps to make the skin look more radiant and moisturised. I also use it on the lips if they have good volume but are dry and dehydrated or developing new lines. Volite is my product of choice.”

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