Dr Tracy Mountford ‘Best for Fillers’ In The Prestigious TATLER Cosmetic Surgery Guide 2012

The TATLER Beauty & Cosmetic Surgery Guide 2012 has featured Dr Tracy Mountford yet again in their annual guide as ‘Best for Fillers’. It goes onto say; ‘Fillers are Mountford’s forte, she uses Juvederm to give softer results and Restylane to lift older faces with slacker skin. She favours a multi-puncture technique (which means lots of tiny jabs) that provokes would/heal response, stimulating more collagen’.

TATLER also recommends her Buckinghamshire clinic for its discreet location for the ‘London A-listers who don’t want to be papped in town’ and for the ‘odd Eton mother making a furtive detour on the way home for the school run’!

Also in this Beauty & Cosmetic Surgery Guide they have featured Dr Tracy Mountford for Clear + Brilliant (Dr Mountford was the first to launch Clear+ Brilliant laser in the UK.) This was featured in their latest hi-tech treatments section that received top marks from TATLER for its innovation and age prevention performance, under the heading; ‘The First Signs of Ageing’ the piece states; ‘The Solution. Designed with 25 to 40 year olds in mind, Clear + Brilliant Laser works to prevent dullness, loss of firmness and fine lines creeping in around the face – think of it as a way of freshening up skin before you need the Botox.’ ‘Our tester noted a reduction in pore size, increased radiance and visibly  softened lines on the forehead after just four sessions – it’s also marvellous at taking the sting out of any spots brewing beneath the surface, as it speeds up the healing process.’ We couldn’t have said it better ourselves…

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