Daily Mail Nip & Tuck – I’ve Lost Weight In My Face, Should I Have Fillers?

The Daily Mail Nip & Tuck 29th May 2017

The Nip & Tuck articles by Dr Tracy Mountford appear weekly, in print and online in the Monday ‘Inspire’ section. In this week’s column, a reader asks if they should have fillers having lost weight in the face:

I’ve lost weight on my face – should I have fillers?

It’s a harsh fact that when we diet, we can’t control which parts of the body the fat will disappear from. It’s common for weight loss to show in the face which can make us appear tired and aged. It is absolutely fine to have fillers now if you’re already seeing changes which you don’t like. Having a filler treatment will restore lost volume and rejuvenate the face.

When you reach your target weight, it’s possible that you may need further treatment. This is dependant upon how much weight you still have to lose. Ideally, gradual, sustainable weight loss is better not only for your health, but also for the long-term impact it will have on your face.

Fillers will add volume to your face and have little or no downtime.

Daily Mail Nip & Tuck - I've lost weight in my face, can I have fillers?

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