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September 12th

Beauty director, Lynne Hyland, knows what it’s like to have lived in Lycra for the last year but is now faced with the “midriff crisis”. She “trials the latest no-effort innovations” that are EMSculpt Neo at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic and CoolSculpting Elite.

What’s the difference between CoolSculpting and CoolSculpting Elite?

CoolSculpting treatments is still freezing your tissue “to minus 13 degrees, which destroys the fat cells without harming what’s around them.” The new CoolSculpting Elite does all that but can now give “even better and quicker results. The cooling applicators that draw in and freeze that tissue are now bigger and more efficient” with patients being able to see fat reduction results from as little as four weeks rather 12 weeks.

What happened during your CoolSculpting Elite treatment?

Lynee’s tummy is marked up and then a “gel-covered fabric” is placed to prevent any frostbite injuries. The CoolSculpting Elite applicator is placed on the tummy and the “chunk of stomach chub that’s been slurped up into the applicator is flash frozen in seconds. For a moment, there’s an icy, tingly feeling, like wearing flimsy gloves in a snowball fight, and then everything just goes numb.”

“Thirty minutes later, my first treatment zone is released like a giant ice-cube”, and it is then massaged to speed up the fat breakdown.

How did you feel afterward?

“There’s no downtime, as such, but my skin feels numb yet tender for a week and I can’t wear anything but my baggiest cargo trousers, zip undone.”

What is the appeal about the EMSculpt Neo?

Lynee heads over to The Cosmetic Skin Clinic to be one of the “first testers of EmSculpt Neo, a new body-shaping machine designed to help sculpt a six pack without a single sit-up.”

“Top medical aesthetician Magda Szczukiewicz, who’s strapping me onto this “Slendertone on steroids” muscle cruncher” says the EmSculpt Neo is a “fantastic combination with CoolSculpting because once you’ve frozen away the fat you can really see the muscles being defined underneath.” This is truly a revolutionary fat burning and muscle building treatment.

How did your EMSculpt Neo treatment go?

“Electromagnetic pulses grab onto my abs, clenching them with an eye-popping ferocity, then slapping and spanking them into submission. It’s brutal, but only in the manner of a brilliantly invigorating sports massage. Not only does it force your muscles to perform the equivalent of 24,000 situ-ups in a single session, this new version of EmSculpt also emits radio-frequency energy, which promises to reduce fat, too. It takes half an hour to do and my inner masochist rather enjoys having the recommended course of four treatments over a month.”

So, what’s the verdict on these treatments?

A month after her CoolSculpting treatment, Lynne is “thrilled to detect an impressive flattening” of her belly bulge. 12 weeks on from her CoolSculpting Elite treatment and she knows her stomach is slimmer. “My stomach is now flatter than it was before I had two kids. The digital measurements who I’ve lost more than one and a half inches from my widest point, and while I can’t claim to have developed a six pack, there’s definitely more definition to my abs.”

To maintain these results, you need to have a balanced and healthy diet and exercise regularly, because otherwise your “newly machine-honed abs will vanish if left unattended.”

“So would I recommend these treatments? Well, they both work, no question, but neither of them are cheap.” If Lynne could only pick one, “it would have to be CoolSculpting because I think it’s done the bigger share of my tummy debulking. However, EmSculpt’s refinement has been the icing on the cake.”

Where should I go to get EMSculpt Neo or CoolSculpting Elite?

The Cosmetic Skin Clinic provides both these treatments to a high standard. Dr. Tracy Mountford, our founder and medical director, is the only UK doctor on the International Allergan CoolSculpting faculty and is also an Ambassador and Key Opinion Leader for EMSculpt Neo. All practitioners are trained and handpicked by Dr. Tracy Mountford. So, you can trust that your fat-freezing treatment is in the safest and experienced hands, as we’ve performed over 20,000 treatments. Also, we’re the number one clinic in the UK for CoolSculpting.

To discover more about your potential CoolSculpting Elite or EMSculpt Neo journey at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic, fill our online enquiry form this online enquiry form or contact our specialists at our London or Buckinghamshire clinics on 0330 057 5425.

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