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February 2022

When it comes down to aesthetic treatments, they do not have to be invasive, and they should never be obvious. It is all about subtle differences that lift your appearance, but no one knows what is different. Dr Joanna Christou from The Cosmetic Skin Clinic “talks through her favoured approach” for your thirties, forties, fifties and beyond in Grazia.

Won’t serums be enough to keep ageing at bay?

The truth of the matter is serums can only do so much. Aesthetic tweakments are more reliable with their anti-ageing results. With tweakments, it is all about ‘facial optimisation’ and to do this means tailoring tweakments for the individual.

Dr Joanna Christou says, “The artistry in aesthetics comes down to assessing the patient but, while everyone’s face is unique, we’re all made up of the same muscles, fat pads and bony structures, which are subject to ageing.”

When it comes to the current world of aesthetics it is not about “looking to reverse time, it’s about treatments that are age-appropriate,” says Dr Christou.

What aesthetic tweakments are ideal for those in their thirties?

The unfortunate reality is that in our twenties we begin to lose collagen and it continues to deplete, so “collagen banking is key.”

Dr Christou says to bank collagen, you should “optimise collagen production with ultrasound treatments, like Ultherapy, and injectable skin boosters, like Profhilo.”

For instance, a common area of volume loss is the temples. Dr Christou approach is “strategic” and says she uses “minimal (I use the sprinkles) use of fillers, such as the RHA range from Teoxane, alongside cautious use of muscle relaxants can ensure a fresh-faced look.”

What tweakments would you recommend for people in their forties?

For those in their forties, “volume loss, is more apparent,” says Dr Christou. She recommends, when appropriate, to use a combination of discreet filler (Teoxane’s RHA4) and wrinkle-relaxers.

Dr Christou highlights that “the approach is still very conservative, and the first port of call would continue to be the same collagen-stimulating treatments used for the thirties to tighten and lift.”

If fine lines have begun to set it, she would use “Morpheus8; a regenerative treatment for addressing textural changes in the skin.”

What about fifties and beyond?

“In the post-menopausal phase, loss of oestrogen means laxity in the jawline or a drop of the bow,” says Dr Christou.

So, treatment involves an all over approach of filler to create structure, but it will remain imperceptible.

To add extra lift Dr Christou may “add threads into the treatment plan”. “Especially in the neck area, sometimes in combination with Ultherapy for lifting and tightening and Morpheus8 to address textural changes in the skin,” says Dr Christou.

The Cosmetic Skin Clinic

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