Want to get rid of stubborn fat? 5 advantages to trying CoolSculpting with the Cosmetic Skin Clinic


New year, new you! If you want to try something different from the weight loss strategies that you may have tried, we can help. Weight loss and toning up are common as a new year’s resolutions, but they come with restrictive diets and they require willpower to work. If, like many people, it seems that you have tried absolutely everything to get rid of that stubborn fat around your waist, hips, thighs or even under your chin, it may seem that dieting and exercising are simply not enough. Is there another option to work on those hard to shed areas?

At the Cosmetic Skin Clinic, we can help get rid of stubborn fat non-surgically. Simply type in ‘CoolSculpting near me’ and explore how our friendly and trained team can help you. Our clinic is considered to be the number one clinic for using this fat removal brand across the UK and Europe, so you can rest assured knowing that we will deliver a high quality service by highly experienced practitioners.


After you have typed ‘CoolSculpting near me’ one of the main things you will discover is that this fat removal option is non-invasive. Using a process called cryolipolysis, our team freezes the fat cells in your desired area, while surrounding skin cells are left undamaged. In the weeks following this procedure, your body naturally eliminates these cells, leaving you with a leaner figure.

Natural-looking results!

In years gone by, cosmetic procedures aimed to change their client’s bodies quickly. While there is nothing inherently bad about this, a sudden change in appearance rarely looks natural and can lead to family and friends asking awkward questions.

At the Cosmetic Skin Clinic, we can assure you that with this fat removal process, your body will shed the excess cells over a period of weeks, in the same way it would lose it naturally, creating a more natural time-lapse to the fat loss.

Quick and easy

Life is busy and nobody really has the time to wait around anymore!

This process is typically completed in around 35 minutes, meaning you can even schedule it into your lunch break or as part of a day out!

Can be used anywhere

Cryolipolysis can be targeted with this procedure and so, you can remove excess fat from anywhere on your body, including those areas where no amount of diet or exercise could reduce the fat cells.

No recovery time

As we mentioned earlier, no one has time to wait around and with this technique, you don’t have to consider recovery time; there isn’t any!

After it is over, you can go about your day, as normal and will not have any unpleasant side effects! If you are interested in finding out more about this type of treatment then make sure you contact The Cosmetic Skin Clinic today for more information.

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