Sharron Davies


Because of wanting to look the very best I can for the 2012 British Olympics I decided to take action now to curtail the tell tale signs of ageing. I was recommended Dr Tracy Mountford as the best in the business.

I am a great advocator of daily exercise and good hydration but these alone are simply not enough and I have always taken care of how I look. It is this total cosmetic approach to looking good that other celebrities will not admit too.

Dr Tracy Mountford recommended Thermage and Sculptra combined with some Restylane. Her ethos is more about enhancement of your natural features giving a more subtle refreshed look which is exactly what I wanted to achieve as the camera can be your harshest judge, so I can’t recommend the Cosmetic Skin Clinic team highly enough from being greeted initially to commencement of treatment and to how I look now.

*Results can vary from patient to patient, and during your consultation, we can discuss a treatment plan that will meet your specific needs.

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