Men Can Get Cosmetic Treatments, Too


When cosmetic medicine took off, it was definitely considered a women’s space. 10 to 15 years ago, only a few men were getting treatments but recently, that has changed. We are also seeing young men in their late twenties, early thirties right the way up to more mature men.

As Dr Tracy Mountford explains in her video this week, the aesthetics industry is no longer just for females.

More and more men of all different ages are coming through the door of the clinic, and they’re having everything from skin tightening to fillers.

Dr Mountford breaks down which treatments are the best for men in the video below:

Younger age range (late 20s to mid 30s):

In this younger age category, Dr Mountford sees men opting for preventative treatments. These patients rarely want to change their appearance. Instead, they want to preserve their youthful look and help prevent the signs of ageing.

Ideal treatments in this age range include:

Mid-age range (roughly 45-60):

The largest age category for male treatments we see at the clinic is between 45-60. These men are usually seeing the signs of ageing or work in fast-paced jobs where they need to look their best. No downtime is key for men, as they don’t use makeup to hide any signs of a treatment. They want quick options and no downtime, so they can go from the clinic to the office without anyone noticing.

Treatments for this age range include:

  • Light fillers to restore volume loss. This is especially good for the guys who like to work out and want to prevent ‘gym face’, which is volume loss in the mid-cheek area.
  • Non-surgical skin tightening.

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