How tweakments can give you that natural look


So, you’re ready to dip a toe in the cosmetic world but not sure where to start? At The Cosmetic Skin Clinic, we have always championed starting with the natural look.

Non-surgical anti-ageing tweakments no one will ever know you had

Tweakments don’t mean you can’t look like your true self. We believe you can selectively pick certain treatments that will enhance your best features, not make them stand out for all the wrong reasons.

At The Cosmetic Skin Clinic, our expertly trained practitioners take a holistic approach. When it comes to treatments such as dermal filler and BOTOX®, we are not heavy-handed and use a sprinkle method. We work with your face, not against it. Our goal is to create authentic and individual results that keep you looking like you but fresher and lifted.

A reason why the natural look tweakments is better is that it’s less invasive and a much safer option. When going for the “bigger is better” look, over-injection can increase the risk of infection, bruising, swelling, lumps, redness and more. The over-treated look of exaggerated features is a thing of the past. It’s all about having a balanced yet subtly enhanced look.

Less is more with Botox

When you think about smoothing the appearance of ageing, Botox is top of the list. This popular treatment has been on the scene for a long time, but times have changed. No longer is it about that frozen Botox look. Skills and methods have advanced, and we choose to use Botox sparingly but in the right places that will add that subtle and youthful lift.

If one of your facial concerns is the lines between your eyebrows or droopy eyebrows, then Botox is the perfect answer. A small amount can counteract the lines, wrinkles, and drooping eyebrows. Consider it an all-round Botox brow lift, without the invasiveness and long downtime of a full-face lift.

Temple Fillers, the secret facelift tweakment for a refreshed and enhanced look

Temple fillers tackle those temple hollows, improving your overall facial structure adding a plump and youthful appearance to your upper face. This treatment is so effective because it makes a difference yet is difficult for others to pinpoint that you’ve had temple filler done.

Botox for droopy mouth corners

When it comes to tweaks, many of us immediately focus on the eye area but let’s not forget about the mouth. Most people’s automatic response to getting areas around the mouth treated is to think about the upper lip lines you can get from ageing and smoking or the nasolabial lines. However, what about the drooping mouth corners?

We use our facial muscles 24/7 and that includes the corners of the mouth to pull a sad or comical expression. The muscles become overused, creating deeper lines. A small injection of Botox will relax the muscles, smooth out facial folds, and lift drooping mouth corners. Not to worry – you won’t look frozen unable to make expressions, it will just be a softer movement that creates less lines and wrinkles.

Non-invasive tweakments for a more defined and contoured jawline

Who knew that the jawline can be defined, and you can still get natural results? We did. Unfortunately, the ageing process can claim our once tight jaw and neck area, softening it and adding to the appearance of ageing. Our expert practitioners are known for their strategic placement of filler to give our patients a defined and contoured jawline. With jawline filler, you will get a lifted effect on your lower face along with shape and definition.

Always choose Hyaluronic Acid, the injectable moisturiser

Hyaluronic Acid is the must-have ingredient in filler. Hyaluronic Acid itself is naturally present in the body, has amazing humectant properties and helps to bind water to collagen. This ingredient works with the facial tissues to volumise and smooth wrinkles. Profhilo is one of the best hyaluronic acid-based fillers that will hydrate your skin and stimulate the natural production of collagen and elastin. This ultimate tweakment is a wonderful addition to improving your skin’s health, look and quality. With so many advantages, it makes clear sense that when having filler ‘tweakments’ done, you choose a clinic that uses Hyaluronic Acid based filler like The Cosmetic Skin Clinic.

With the above points, you can decide what areas deserve a subtle tweak. Enhance your beauty but maintain balance with a natural look that leaves people wondering.

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