How to make the most of Emsculpt for your wedding


Most brides have been dreaming of their big day since they were little girls and can spend around a year or more planning everything down to the last detail for their wedding. So much goes into an event like this that sometimes getting to the gym to workout is just not possible.

At The Cosmetic Skin Clinic, we know that you want to look and feel your very best on your wedding day, particularly in wedding photographs. If your arms and shoulders are visible in your bridal gown, as is often the case with most brides, you need them to look the best they can be. EMSculpt can help you achieve this with its revolutionary body-sculpting effects.

What is Emsculpt?

This is a non-invasive cosmetic treatment that reduces fat and tones muscle at the same time. It’s revolutionary in the world of body slimming and many are turning to it for a quick nip and tuck in choice areas of their bodies. It can be difficult to shift areas of stubborn fat with exercise, but with EMSculpt you can target fat loss exactly where you want it.

Fat loss explained

When you move more and eat less, your body uses its stores of fat and converts it to energy. However, this fat loss process works evenly throughout the body, making it difficult to ‘spot reduce’ fat or target a specific area of the body.

For example, doing extra abdominal workouts doesn’t necessarily mean you will lose fat on just your belly. During cardio exercises, your body will consume fat across many different areas, making it much more difficult to isolate one particular zone.

Emsculpt for wedding body

Muscle tone explained

While you can’t target fat loss in a particular area, you can target muscle growth of each body part, depending on how you work it. You can substantially tone your arms and shoulders by performing the right exercises. The same can be said for most areas of the body. For a bride on her wedding day, it might be more logical to focus attention on the upper part of the body, as the dress probably obscure the lower half. But muscle toning can be an arduous and time-consuming process. This is where EMSculpt can assist.

What makes EMSculpt special?

While we have learnt that exercise targets specific muscles and not specific fat, EMSculpt does both, and fast, which is what makes it so amazing. By getting a treatment on your arms, you can focus losing the stubborn fat on the back of the arms, while at the same time toning the triceps for leaner-looking, sculpted arms that will help you look your best on your wedding day.

The trick to getting those sexy arms for the big day is timing. Book your sessions 6 months prior to your wedding as the results from the treatment will have had the most effect by then. After a number of sessions, your body continues to get rid of the fat you targeted and it takes a while for it to completely leave your body. But after 6 months, the sculpted results will be at their very best, just in time.

Achieving the perfect wedding body with Emsculpt

For individuals with a higher than average BMI, EMSculpt now also offers a more intensive treatment that generates impressive fat loss and muscle toning results in the quickest time possible. EMSculpt Neo can help patients to achieve 30% fat loss while boosting muscle mass by 25% after 3 months of treatment. This makes it ideal for patients who may need quicker results to achieve the look they need on their perfect day.

For more information about these EMSculpt treatments at our London or Buckinghamshire clinics, get in touch with our friendly team at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic to discuss your requirements.

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