How to contour and slim your face with Botox


How to contour and slim your face with Botox

When we think of Botox, we think of line and wrinkle removal, but did you know it can help to contour and slim your face? Botox for face slimming is a popular treatment.

When it comes to slimming the face, the first step is to reduce the appearance of the jawline. From those who want that aesthetically pleasing v-line jaw or have a naturally wide jaw sometimes caused by clenching or grinding teeth (Bruxism), Botox treatment at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic is the answer.

Who can benefit Botox Face Slimming?

Facial slimming Botox is the ideal reshaping solution and is perfect for anyone who:

  • Is looking for a masseter reduction. Clenching and grinding teeth can make our masseter muscles bigger adding width to the face.
  • Wants to soften or define the overall look of the jawline
  • Is not happy with current wide, square or round jawline

How to slim your face with BOTOX

Botox when used to slim your face, is injected into very specific muscles to help your muscles relax.

Grinding and clenching teeth (bruxism) can enlarge your jaw muscles, making your face look wider. Botox can be injected into bulky Masseter muscles on both sides of your face.  This relaxes the muscles, giving an overall appearance of a slimmer jawline, and possibly more pronounced cheekbones.

Apart from thinning the face, Botox will also reduce the fine lines and wrinkles giving an overall lifted appearance with a redefined jawline.

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Why choose BOTOX as an alternative to surgery?

Face slimming Botox is the better and safer alternative to invasive cosmetic surgery. The benefits of Botox injections for face slimming are extensive.

  • Apart from being non-invasive, Botox injections are also a lot more affordable than getting a face/neck lift.
  • Botox injections require zero downtime and is non-surgical, allowing you to get back to your normal day to day activities right away.
  • It isn’t painful, with many patients finding it a lot more comfortable than they expected and only feeling a tiny sting depending on the area.
  • Reshapes your face but at the same time it stops new wrinkles forming, so it’s a great wrinkle preventative treatment
  • If you have a low tolerance for pain, with a Botox face slimming treatment, numbing cream can be applied which is the preferred option compared to anaesthesia during invasive cosmetic surgery

How long will the facial slimming Botox results take to show?

Face slimming Botox treatment can transform your appearance in as little as 5-7 days. By this time, your skin will look smooth and supple, with the shape of your face looking slim.

Botox injections are not permanent, so you will need to get a top-up treatment every 3-4 months. Some patients continue their treatment over 12 months, and see a significant improvement in their results, after which there are longer periods between treatments.

Your practitioner will explain your bespoke treatment plan and all the advice you need.

Botox really does contour and slim your face. With multiple benefits ranging from no downtime, quick results, non-surgical, great prices, smoothing wrinkles; Botox is the answer for contoured and slimming results. At The Cosmetic Skin Clinic, our practitioners are fully qualified and have the experience to ensure natural results.

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