How we use Thermage Eyes to treat tired, hooded and crepey eyes

In this week’s Q&A, I’m talking about Thermage Eyes. The onset of ageing and the effects of sun damage can be more noticeable around the eyes where the skin is thinner and more delicate causing our eyes to droop and wrinkles start to appear. This can be a problem for many women and men in the 40 to 50 age category when they start to see first signs of fine lines, crepiness and hooding.

How To Treat Skin Laxity With Profhilo

Skin laxity is a big issue predominantly for women in the 50-plus age range who are losing firmness and elasticity in their skin. Telltale signs of ageing start to show more, mostly in the neck, jawline, upper arms, decolletage, even on the inner thighs and around the knee area.

Why We Recommend Ultherapy

In this week’s Q&A, I’m talking about Ultherapy and why it is such a popular treatment at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic. We have been using Ultherapy for five years and more and more frequently patients are requesting this treatment specifically because they want a treatment that lifts and tightens the skin, but in a natural way so it is not obvious that they have had anything done.


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