‘The CSC Lift, Tighten and Glow’


For fresh glowing skin this summer invest in your ‘collagen bank’ with the ‘CSC Lift, Tighten & Glow’, a combination of two treatments; Ultherapy combined with Profhilo

Profhilo to give an immediate boost and improvement to the skin texture and tightness of the skin, Ultherapy to deliver a collagen stimulating treatment that goes on working for over a year to eighteen months or so…

Watch our practitioner perform this treatment on our patient who wanted to treat the laxity and crepey tissue she’s noticed around her jawline and neck.

Ultherapy, boosts your collagen by stimulating new collagen and remodelling the existing collagen at three different depths which tightens and lifts the skin in the targeted areas, such as the face, neck and jawline and chest. Ultherapy combined with dermal fillers will support the face to help you look fresher and more rejuvenated with natural-looking results, in less than an hour with minimal if any downtime.

Christie Brinkley brand ambassador for Ultherapy says,

“You all know I’m all for things that help my skin look its best. That’s why I love Ultherapy®! The best part is that it stimulates your own body’s collagen and elastin naturally!” – Christie Brinkley

Profhilo, described by Olivia Falcon in ‘The Times’, as “a moisturiser in a jab” and as “the most flattering Instagram filter on your skin”, is the latest injectable treatment specifically designed to address ageing by also stimulating collagen and elastin production to smooth and tighten the skin at the same time. It can be used on numerous areas, such as the face, neck, hands and chest. We often use it on the inner arms and inner thighs to smooth.

These treatments work synergistically because they target different depths and areas of the skin where ageing is taking place.

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